Monday, December 4, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Mold, Heavy Metals and More with Dr. Jill Crista ND

Dr. Rade interviews Dr. Crista, a renowned expert in the field of mold illness and complex chronic illness.  They discuss a range of topics including mold (of course!), EMFs, heavy metals, histamine issues, and more!

Dr. Crista’s website:

Dr. Crista’s books Break the Mold and A Light in the Dark for PANDAS and PANS

Dr. Crista’s “9 Things To Know While You’re Still In Mold” Online Course

Home inspection options mentioned by Dr. Crista:

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2 thoughts on “Mold, Heavy Metals and More with Dr. Jill Crista ND
  1. Wow! Informative interview. I nearly collapsed when she said, mold wanted to compost our body ?. I’ve been struggling past three years watching my pets die wondering when im next. We’re out of mold and threw away all possessions except for a box of pictures. Stachybotris and chaetomium. No visible mold. Just mycotoxins. Hopefully that’s not contributing to problems. Sinus issues and brain fog main problems. Red eyes too. Using xlear,clay and charcoal. Is that enough? I need to change diet from what I learned from video.I’m finally getting a few hours sleep so I think I can cope. I need to watch again to see what I missed. Thanks again.

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