Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

This Could Be Why You're Are Not Running Faster They Can Be Fixed

I think it’s SO incredibly important for everyone to figure out this ONE question because low heart rate training is where you’re going to be spending 70 to 85% of your total training time
The question I was asking myself over and over again was why is my heart rate so high when I run.

Even at a slow pace, even when I’m just warming up, and even when hiking. I think it’s so incredibly important for everyone to figure out this ONE question because low heart rate training is where you’re going to be spending 70 to 85% of your total training time at a low heart rate under your zone 3.

What is the Maffetone Method? Well, it’s Heart Rate Training (a.k.a. MAF Training) and its really all about keeping your heart rate low (zone 2) while running to make sure that you are developing your aerobic system, the ability to burn more fat for fuel and to stay injury-free. MAF stands for maximum aerobic function.

There are lots of Benefits Of Aerobic Base Training For Distance Runners.
Aerobic base training is easily the most important part of every endurance athlete’s training plan. Apart from improving the overall level of fitness, it also prepares the body to tolerate more workload later in the season.

For distance runners in particular this period is a perfect opportunity to gradually increase the total duration of your runs and overall weekly mileage.
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1 Year Of MAF Training – The Results Are In

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Why I Think People Struggle With The Maffetone Method https://youtu.be/mruvSnyHj48

Maffetone Method for Beginners | Low Heart Rate Training

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9 thoughts on “This Could Be Why You're Are Not Running Faster They Can Be Fixed
  1. Also, the need to train the body for fat burn is almost the same issue with new fasting ppl. Most new to fasting push through the hours, but because they can't burn fat well enough, they are starving the body and using will power to push through. Eventually willpower fails and they give up and/or over-eat.

  2. After watching you and others I was convinced and started running. I decided to stick to zone 2 / base building. After 4 weeks I had shaved my pace down 80 seconds per mile. My walk run went from 75% walk to 25% walk. That was done training at the "high end" of my zone 2 ~140bpm. This month I am targeting even lower. 123pbm. I am at 100% walking. Maybe I went too low or maybe I just found where I am truly lacking fitness? I will report back after the month. Also just moved back to the state from Canada. Nice place!

  3. Hey Dave! In my opinion, the easiest way to get correct metrics is spiroergometry. A relatively cheap ( approx. 120 € in Germany) and exact lab test method . It sets your zone right, and infuriating enough, those are as low as your MAF heartrate or even lower. Start here, then 90/ 10 and later 80/20. After all, we´re just fun runners and no pros!

  4. Don't forget gloves, Dave! I'm guilty of leaving them at home too often this time of year too.

    Also, I really appreciated you mentioning adding some speed work. I found that once I added one fartlek or threshold session per week it made the easy runs both easier to keep the heartrate lower and faster. And as you say, it keeps it mentally interesting which is super important.

    Can't forget the recovery time, too. Especially after those speed sessions.

  5. Great info, I've never focused completely on heart rate in training but have found by paying a bit of attention to it in training my recovery is much better as I'm doing much less 'middle of the road' pace runs.

  6. I tend to agree Dave, the K method is more forgiving and far more individualised than MAF.
    Ultimately, remaining consistent, mostly at that conversational easy/relaxed "Zone 2" pace AND at least one faster session every week or two and things will be good.

    Ha ha, it's so simple – so why do so many of us find this game so perplexing!

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