Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

How Peptides Affect Energy, Mitochondria, Healing from Injury with “Peptide King” Regan Archibald

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What is a peptide? And before you ask, the collagen peptides you find on the shelf at WalMart don’t count.

The more scientific term is SCA – short chain aminos. But we call them peptides because they, well, put a bit of a pep in your step.

My guest today Regan Archibald is the founder of the East West Institute, and has been unofficially coronated as the Peptide King. Whether you’re brand new to the world of peptides, or are well-versed, you won’t want to miss this informative episode on the industry that is taking the health and wellness universe by storm.

In this episode with Regan Archibald, you’ll discover:

-What is mitochondria, and how does it affect your energy levels?…05:01

-Regan’s thoughts on “stacking” healthy habits…10:15

-What is a “peptide” and when to know if they’re right for you…14:24

-Basic peptides that Regan loves to recommend…19:40

-Peptides that can help with everything from leaky gut to injuries…24:01

-Regan describes his daily routine…28:55

-The biggest pain point people have when they come to Regan for the first time…31:13

-One thing most people don’t know about Regan…33:10

-And much more!

Resources mentioned:

East West Health website: https://www.acueastwest.com
East West Health Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EastWestSaltLake
Never Stop Healing book: https://amzn.to/3Vjd1oL
Never Stop Healing podcast: https://acueastwest.com/podcast.html

Connect with today’s guest!

Regan Archibald, Lac, FMP, is one of the leading Peptide Specialists in the nation and serves as a Regenerative Therapy and Peptide Consultant at the award-winning clinic he founded in 2004, East West Health (acueastwest.com) and now, Integrated Pain Specialists. Regan is the founder of Go Wellness and is the creator of the Peptide Mastery Course. He is a member of the International Peptide Society. He is the author of 8 books including, Never Stop Healing and Your Health Transformation.

As a Peptide Expert, Licensed Acupuncturist, and Functional Medicine Practitioner, Regan brings immense innovation and cutting-edge options for those looking to recover from pain, balance hormones, or increase performance or optimize their health. His clinic, East West Health, is the first Medically Managed Peptide Program that includes the use of Acupuncture and Herbs, Regenerative Medicine, and Functional Medicine.

Regan believes that health isn’t a destination and disease doesn’t take vacations. That’s why he’s created one of the most innovative wellness curriculums in America called the “Health Accelerator Course.” He and his partners Cade Archibald and Scott Frogley, DC, combine their talents to create a best-in-industry patient experience. With over 1000 active members participating in weekly “HACs” (Health Accelerator Challenges), and thousands more tuning into his podcast, Never Stop Healing, Regan is truly not to miss on your health adventures.

If not teaching, writing, or working with patients in-office or virtually, you will find Regan in the Wasatch mountains with his wife Jessica and his kids, Zoe, Dominic, and Jonah. He loves to ski, snowboard, mountain bike, take ice baths, bio-hack, and is passionate about bringing art back into the practice of medicine.

To learn more and for free resources go to https://www.wendiepett.com or https://www.getvisiblyfit.com

If you haven’t listened to the Introduction and the first 5 episodes of the Visibly Fit Podcast make sure you do. You will be encouraged that becoming Visibly Fit is actually within REACH. You can download the worksheets at https://www.wendiepett.com/visiblyfitpodcast


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