Wednesday, December 6, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Live Q&A in honor of Dr Ray Peat

Did a live Q&A with any listeners who I could share in their grief of losing Dr Ray Peat. Hope you guys enjoy this and I think I will plan to do more.

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16 thoughts on “Live Q&A in honor of Dr Ray Peat
  1. Whenever I heard him talk during your interviews I was sure his voice had a real spring in it I didn't hear in other interviews. I imagine he found it refreshing talking with a primarily female audience and no doubt there are many ladies out there who have a lot of affection for Ray after discovering his words of wisdom on progesterone, estrogen etc. I have read every comment of people's I can find following his passing. I guess there is something therapeutic in seeing how many people he was able to have a positive impact on.

  2. Sad news. Abit like losing a friend, after listening to him online.
    Thank you doctor Peat for your knowledge and time you made, to help people understand supporting their health. And being someone who questioned the doctrine and views of regular healthcare. And enjoy listening to him with Joellene in interviews, thank you.

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