Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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7 thoughts on “Realistic Body Types Live @ 5:15PM PST Sunday
  1. When you guys go live, it is just after lunch Monday for me. Hence, I am at work and miss the lives.

    Poor Tom looks a bit tired still. And a huge congratulations to Justin on his engagement.

    Nothing to say about LK.

    I'm glad Derek was the one to out the guy. Derek is highly respected and researches his material well. He did an admirable job of simply bringing the details without ripping the guy to shreds.

    Enjoy your week, boys!

  2. Yeah the SAMe – it is so hard to get and expensive so these days I do Amanita and Hopstea, both good for the brain and anxiety. And then for Vit D – EMU OIL, guys? It has the VIT k2 as well as Omega 3 and it really works for me.
    Apart from that due to lack of finances cut massively back on Supplements and thanks to Amanita gut fixed so that is really a plus

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