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Mitochondrial Health

The Sun is Our Greatest Healer with Carrie Flanagan | TRM Podcast Ep. 20

DISCLAIMER: The information discussed in this podcast is NOT medical advice. Please speak with your health care professional about any health decisions.

The Radiant Mission Podcast | Episode 20
Host: Rebecca Twomey @theradiantmission
Co-Host: Rachel Smith
Guest: Carrie Flanagan

Thank you for listening to The Radiant Mission podcast! We are on a mission to encourage and inspire you on your walk with Christ and as you journey through life. 

In Episode 20 we talk with Carrie Flanagan. She is a musician and health expert that healed her body by focusing on the mitochondria. By rising with the sun, changing her diet, and using supplements, Carrie was able to heal her histamine issues.

In This Episode on The Sun is Our Greatest Healer with Carrie Flanagan:

-Carrie’s health journey

Was consumed in toxic diet culture.

Began to have histamine responses to foods.

She began working with a mitochondria expert but quickly realized there is no one-size-fits-all healing method. Our bodies are so intricately made that one method is not right for all.

There’s so much information out there that it’s difficult to know what’s even true.

For example, most of us grew up being told that sunscreen from the grocery store was a must any time we went into the sun. We’re told that the sun will give us cancer, give us wrinkles, and worse. Today, we’re finding out that these sunscreen products are actual toxic. They contain endocrine disrupters and can cause cancer.

– The sun is our greatest healer.

Carrie began rising with the sun. She wore blue light blocking glasses in the evenings and avoided screens.

Context is everything. Carrie does not recommend staring at the sun. There are so many nutrients in the morning rays that you could actually get sick by looking into it. A great place to start is by cracking your window open, then working your way up.

Allow the sun to touch your skin and eyes, or a minimum your bare eyes (no contacts, no glasses, no sunglasses). When you allow the infrared light into your eyes in the morning, that signals to your melatonin that it’s time to go to sleep. This then downloads to your body how much melatonin your body will need to fall asleep that night. It’s all very synchronistic and why the sunrise is very powerful. 

It’s about incremental steps and changes.

– Who can benefit from sunlight?


Mitochondria is in every part of your body. Sunlight allows us to charge our mitochondria—it’s about the sun’s light. Our bodies are like computers, and the sun is our charger.

Our culture today demonizes the sun. We’ve lost some of the ancient knowledge about the sun.

“Let your life by thy medicine.”

Our bodies are the most technologically advance quantum computers that exist. Science is trying to reverse engineer the human body, but it’s void of the breath of God. We all exist because the creator breathed into our lungs.

Bible Verses Mentioned:

Genesis 1:1-5

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