Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondria||Structure and Function||Class 11 Biology||Etea,Mdcat

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Nearly all eukaryotic cells, including those of plants, animals, fungi, and the majority of unicellular eukaryotes, have mitochondria. Although some cells only contain one big mitochondrion, most cells have hundreds or even thousands of mitochondria, and the number is correlated with the metabolic activity of the cell.
For instance, more mitochondria are present per volume in active cells compared to inactive cells. The two membranes that surround the mitochondrion are made up of phospholipid bilayers with various proteins contained inside them. The inner membrane has infoldings known as cristae and is convoluted whereas the outside membrane is smooth. The mitochondrion is split into two internal compartments by the inner membrane. The intermembrane space, a small area located between the inner and outer membranes, is the first and the second is mitochondrial matrix.
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