Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Did Your Ancestors Build The Pyramids?

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We’re all related in someway, but how far back does that relation go, and are we related to anyone famous?

Hosted by: Michael Aranda (he/him)

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33 thoughts on “Did Your Ancestors Build The Pyramids?
  1. i'm a little confused; don't sub-saharan africans not have any neanderthal DNA? neanderthals went extinct 40,000 years ago, which means the common ancestor of sub-saharn africans and non- sub-saharan africans had to have been before then and before humans left africa. humans also were in the americas 14,000 years ago or something, way before the projected date of mitochonrdial eve/y-chromosome adam. unless i'm misunderstanding??

  2. This is a farce at best because you have to look at and take into account the astrological position of the pyramids. Originating in the time of Leo, 25000 years is a long time to trace back ancenstry, especially since recorded history only started 2000 years ago.

  3. I think we ascribe waaay too much meaning into "ancestors". It's just the carrier of a few of your genes, which a random person somewhere else likely also developed through some mutation. They literally have no meaning to us. We should be happy that they procreated and managed to keep their kid alive, though.

  4. Statistically, considering how many women had children by both Genghis Khan and Ramesses II, what is the likely hood that more than one person alive right now is a descendent of both lineages?

  5. Super unlikely, but there could be a possibility that for everyone who work on the pyramids their lines may have ended.
    Everyone has ancestors; not everyone has descendants.

  6. It is hard to see how isolated populations all over the would could be descended from someone that recent. E.g. Aboriginal Australians have been there and genetically isolated for tens of thousands of years. People got to North America at least 10k years ago. It doesn't make sense that they both share an ancestor who lived in 1400 BCE

  7. I appreciate SciShow, but I feel like this video needs a follow up. The take away statement is that everyone alive today could share a common ancestor 2000 years ago? That… seems extremely unlikely. Like so unlikely that this might be the first SciShow video that I would feel uncomfortable saying “did you know” around the proverbial water cooler. I would like to have more information on the model used to make these claims.

  8. lol right at the top of the video you were talking about dna testing and my brain immediately shouted "but why not math" and it turns out math was the super special secret guest behind the curtain

  9. 4:06 – if there are millions of lineages connecting to the actual most recent common ancestor, who lived more recently than mitochondrial "Eve" or Y-chromosomal "Adam", doesn't that mean there's at least as many lineages connecting to either Adam or Eve going through the most recent common ancestor?

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