Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Modifying Metabolism: Small Choices, Big Results

There are numerous small choices that can lead to immediate, significant positive outcomes for your metabolic health.

Did you know that 1 out of every 3 Americans — roughly 100 million — are currently pre-diabetic and that most don’t even know it?

Understanding your metabolism — what it is and why it is important — in today’s world of information saturation can feel confusing, overwhelming and deflating. However, there are numerous small choices that you can implement today that can lead to immediate, significant positive outcomes.

Hear from OSU College of Public Health and Human Sciences’ faculty Sean Newsom and Matt Robinson as they focus on empowered positive choices, highlight the latest research being done at OSU’s Translational Metabolism Research Laboratory and how you can break through all the noise to take back control over your metabolic health.

Sean Newsom, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Matt Robinson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Translational Metabolism Research Laboratory

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Public health is affected by shifts in policy, social and environmental influences, technology and much more. As a global health crisis illustrates, gaps and inequities of any size in these systems can have devastating effects for health workers, the economy, particularly impacting communities with historic and systemic health disparities.

As Oregon’s first accredited College of Public Health and Human Sciences, our students and alumni have long been working toward answers to the challenges of lifelong health in their communities. Get an insider look at the impacts of public health with a webcast series hosted by some of Oregon State’s public health experts.

These virtual events are hosted by the OSU Alumni Association and OSU Foundation in collaboration with the OSU College of Public Health and Human Sciences.

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