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How to overcome a standstill in weight; when you can’t seem to lose more weight w/ Zeco Powell

Narado Zeco Powell shares with us what marked the onset of his journey towards a health-conscious life.

He grew up in Jamaica and was raised by his grandparents. Like any other kid, he loved candy & junk food. Unfortunately, though, he developed eczema, high blood pressure, and asthma in his early twenties. Weight issues were also a continuous struggle that led to the deterioration of his health.


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[0:00] Eating healthier and more nutritious food helped him greatly
Don’t sprout or peel your vegetables; eat them naturally and raw.
Breathing becomes a lot easier and effort free.
It removed his asthma and eczema problems for years.
You also start feeling better.
Even without the medications, he is perfectly healthy as his body healed itself.
Eliminate things from your diet as this would reduce excess harmful elements from your body.

[15:53] Sleep, seed oil, processed foods, and fasting
If you sleep properly and at the proper time, you will not just feel better but will also age slower.
Replace seed oil with olive oil, butter, or avocado oil. Pro tip: if you go to a restaurant just tell the waiter you and everyone on the table are allergic to seed oil.
Processed foods are not what you should be putting in your body. You must remove processed foods from your diet and eat real clean whole food.
Fasting is amazing- your sleep hours even count. Healing the gut, bouncing your sugar levels, fat oxidation, and training your body are all achieved by fasting.
Fasting if done right can be a very powerful tool. You give your digestive system a break.

[23:15] A twenty-four hours once a week, and why does he do it?
The dinner-to-dinner fast helped to increase the time of his fast oxidation.
Lengthening the fast and doing a full day fast helps make him feel like superman.
Tap into the knowledge of our ancestors and include the new research; studies aren’t supposed to overwhelm you.
You must incorporate how something makes you feel; if you feel energized with something do it.
Start your fasts small and then build up.

[30:40] How to overcome a standstill in weight; when you can’t seem to lose more weight
It depends on what you have been doing to lose weight; was it keto, vegetarian diet, intermittent fasting, and so on?
It also depends on how long you’ve been doing the same diet.
Your body gets efficient at breaking down fat and you reach a plateau after a certain time; you need to cycle the carbs back in.
This way your body becomes better at breaking fats back again.
This switching back and forth is an easier way to go about it; you need to create diversity in the gut.
Our ancestors would have a diverse line of foods that they consumed.

[39:50] Bio-individuality and the elimination method
People should remove vegetables periodically.
You don’t know what is affecting you until you eliminate the suspects; you don’t know what anti-nutrients are responding to you.
A carnivore diet for a while can help improve your gut.
Then, start adding plant foods to your diet slowly.
It helps identify allergies.

[44:00] The glucose monitor (CGM) and the Oura ring
Your glucose monitor can pick up the signs and aware you.
Oura ring is a tool; HRV drops with eating more plant toxins and vice versa means that a carnivore diet suits you the best.
Ray’s blood sugar pattern picks up when he wakes up. It drops during his fasting period but picks up gradually. This is because his body is optimal.
This is because of having more muscles too.
If your body is optimized, your blood sugar does not go up drastically.
Teach people to be optimal and be the healthier version of themselves.

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  1. I agree and soo alll of this❤… In 2018 to 19, after changing my life style… In March 2020 something happened, my Naturalist Dr say it has been Adrenal Fatigue and Covid sickness 2 X?… I have went through soo much, on all kind of natural supplements… I eat clean and only have a sweet maybe one a week or at a birthday-holiday… I lost in 18 to 19 I lost 73 lbs… I have now started to gain eating the same way, please help???…

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