Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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These Water Techs CHANGE LIVES | World Class Filtration and Electrolysis to Simplify Health

Do you take your water for granted? Do you drink water just because you have to?

What if the difference between the water you drink and the water you COULD drink could mean the difference for your health goals, sustainability goals, and financial freedom goals?

In this video Ashley DeMarco and Alex Corey go over unique pathways and experiences to land at what we consider best in class water filtration and ionization with the POWERHOUSE of HYDROGEN.

Our water community, Evolution Era (below) is filled with these awe inspiring and emotionally jarring (hard to remain stoic on our weekly masterclasses) stories of normal people making the simplest of changes in their life -changing their water – and getting so much of their enjoyment back.

Ashley and Alex use this water in their daily ventures – building tiny home retreat centers, permaculture endeavors, microgreens businesses, coaching, and literally everything else.

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Products Discussed:
Multipure Aquaperform (use code 43585 at checkout for 5% off):

Enagic Leveluk K8:

Find the Water:
https://bio.link/alexandercorey — Find the Water link

Connect with Alex:

Connect with Ashley:

Growth Community:

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