Friday, March 31, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Age Backwards 5-10 Years!! | The Mitochondrial & Anti-Aging Support Stack

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0:00:00 – Intro Teaser
0:00:20 – The Mitochondrial Support Stack
0:01:54 – Spending $200-1,000 Monthly To Feel 10 Years Younger
0:04:08 – Mitochondrial Function Explained
0:06:52 – Cellular & Mitochondrial ATP Production
0:09:32 – Hormonal Effect On Mitochondria
0:10:52 – Mitochondrial Biogenesis
0:11:56 – Mitochondrial Dysfunction & Aging
0:13:48 – Mitigating Oxidative Stress
0:15:51 – Medications With Negative Effect On Mitochondria
0:19:32 – Supplements To Support Mitochondria
0:23:38 – ZERO Positive Effects From Resveratrol
0:24:37 – Electron Transport Chain (ETC) Anti-Oxidant Stack
0:25:47 – Honorable Mentions
0:31:35 – Ubiquinol
0:36:04 – Pyrrolo-Quinoline Quinone (PQQ)
0:39:37 – Carnitine
0:42:44 – Nicotinamide MonoNucleotide (NMN)
0:47:09 – Improving Overall Anti-Oxidant Status
0:48:23 – Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+)
0:51:24 – NAD+ IV Cocktail Example
0:52:19 – MOTS-c
0:58:08 – 5-Amino-1MQ
1:00:16 – Bemitil & Mildronate
1:04:14 – Sample Stacks & Costs Breakdown
1:06:25 – Closing Thoughts

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44 thoughts on “Age Backwards 5-10 Years!! | The Mitochondrial & Anti-Aging Support Stack
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  2. interesting , gives me confidence your budget stack i am already on so glad i am on the right track , TRT guy here , this mitocondrial support works great for me

  3. Your traps are poppin my man!
    I want to say thank yo for the deep dives and bodybuilding education. When I discovered your channel I was stuck at 205-206 @ 5' 8" tall. Less than two years later I've hit and broken through the 100 KG mark. Now 220 is my morning weight most days and just as lean and vascular as I was at 205. 15lbs is less than two years is a LOT to me. With an actual need for it I have added Lantus recently and feel much better and I'm preventing blindness and kidney damage from high blood sugar. Now with that glucose going where it's supposed to be my pumps are amazing and I'm fuller and rounder. Thank you Steve!

  4. One of the best information available around mitochondrial function! Many supplements which help with mitochondrial function and mechanism of atp production very well explained in this video! The deep dive, since very well and interesting put together, didn't feel like an one hour video!! Recommend to everyone who wants to improve or struggle with energy production. Steve, this is one of your best deep dive videos in my opinion, super helpful! Very much appreciated, thanks a lot for your efforts.

  5. Great video it’s too bad that you can’t put all these components intoone protocol I wish the medical community would pay attention to this. The doctors that I see are so against these type of therapies using nutritional supplements and hormonal therapy to achieve a more active better life. Hopefully in the future they will realize what all these components together can do For the human race.

  6. Thank you, Steve, great work, I studied this in college, and when I am not feeling my best, I know why and what to do; just too lazy to do it. I need to get back to something basic/easy to maintain.

  7. Hey Steve.

    I did

    400mg ubiqinol
    250mg nad+
    40mg pqq
    20mg telemisartan

    I got constant heart palpitations and a blood pressure of 190/100 and puls around 130-160

    I was in the hospital for a day on observation with a 24 hour heart monitor they did not find anything other that they wrote it down to and overdose of some of the supplements

    So now I'm scared of trying this ATP shit again cause it was horrible

  8. Amazing video Steve. I was already taking 5-amino-1mq and NAD + before you dropped this video and it definitely has improved my energy levels. I’ll implement some of the other supplements you mentioned and see how it goes.

  9. Have you looked at the affects of low dosage daily use of DNP. Not a fat loss dosage.

    Lowers triglycerides
    Neuroprotective against beta
    Increased insulin sensitivity
    Life extension in drosophila
    "Moreover, upregulated uncoupling protein UCP4C in intestinal stem cells and enteroblasts is sufficient to extend lifespan and preserve proliferative homeostasis in the gut with age"

    "including neuroprotection against different types of insult, blockade of amyloid aggregation, stimulation of neurite outgrowth and neuronal differentiation, and even extension of lifespan in certain organism"

    A lot of research has gone into mitochondrial uncouplers.

    From what I've read I've been on 50mg a day for the last 3 months and feel great. Mentally sharp and focused. No loss in strength or endurance.

    I do believe the dosage for therapeutic effects is closer to the 5mg a day mark but I have no negatives going this high.

    Its still a lot lower than a fat loss dosage

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