Friday, March 31, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Evolutionary Adjustment of a Cellular “Power Center”

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Mitochondria, found in all cells of higher organisms, which produces most of the necessary energy is covered with membrane. As ek, these organelles serve important functions in the synthesis deterioration of some biomolecules and also in the process of signaling between many cells.In cooperation, Prof.Dr.Dr.Nikolaus Pfanner Prof. Dr.This work is Nature magazine. Comprehensive official, indispensable of the composition of protein complexes Baker Maya Mitochondria contains approximately 1000 different protein. Many these proteins have been shown to have functions only in close cooperation with other proteins in protein complexes.A comprehensive picture of the composition protein complexes is indispensable for understanding the mechanisms and relationships that enable mitochondria to realize many biological functions with high precision and reliability. In order to carry out their analysis, the researchers applied a method they developed for high -resolution complex analysis. This method first involves the separation of protein complexes according to their dimensions in a solid form in a solid form, which is then freezing and cut into 0.3 millimeter thick slices.They can identify proteins through mass spectrometer and analyze quantitatively. Protein profiles called MITCOM by carpets, 90 percent gave most comprehensive accurate data cluster date.“MITCOM’s analysis has shown that more than 99 percent all mitochondrial proteins are organized in one complex per protein.“It seems to be dependent on functions and localization proteins, not biochemical properties but their functions localization in structures. In a second step, researchers took advantage of great dynamic mitcom range to explain previously unknown connections between several signal paths and to explain new mechanisms for control of protein imports in mitochondria.Pfanner explains. For this reason, MITCOM data is undoubtedly a unique source that will provide driving force for more exciting discoveries in mitochondria research. Real Page:


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