Friday, March 31, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

173. Metabolic Health Data in One Breath with Daniel Tal Mor, CEO of Lumen

Today, I’m joined by Daniel Tal Mor, CEO of Lumen, makers of a breathalyzer device used to monitor and improve users’ metabolic health.

Aspiring to help people achieve better health through data, Lumen’s breathalyzer and connected app democratize the “gold-standard” in metabolic measurement typically reserved for elite athletes.

In this episode, we discuss the company’s breathalyzer for hacking metabolism, Lumen’s recent $62M funding round, and the concept of metabolic flexibility.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

• Metabolism’s role in weight, energy, and performance management
• Lumen’s product roadmap after closing its Series B
• Daniel’s vision for the future of personalized nutrition and well-being

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:05) Daniel’s background and about Lumen
(02:36) Lumen’s breathalyzer
(04:05) Measuring metabolism by analyzing breath
(07:50) Lumen’s product journey
(11:17) Selling products and subscriptions
(14:31) Subscription business model
(17:08) Impact of economic recession in wellness
(22:11) Lumen’s technology
(29:40) Metabolic flexibility
(32:06) Lumen’s innovation
(37:35) Conclusion


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One thought on “173. Metabolic Health Data in One Breath with Daniel Tal Mor, CEO of Lumen
  1. Long time listener and big fan of what you do here! The information you provide to the general public and others in this space is extremely valuable! This particular product I am skeptical of… but will do my own research on it and think others should do the same.

    Keep it up, I have a feeling you’ll be a huge success!

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