Friday, March 31, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Metabolic Psychiatry: How Diet Impacts Mental Health | One Scientist’s Mind

Dr. Chris Palmer, author of #BrainEnergy, joins One Mind’s Director of Clinical Programs, Dr. Irene Hurford, on “One Scientist’s Mind” to discuss #metabolicpsychiatry, how it works, and who can benefit.

Key Moments:
00:34 A career inspired by his mother’s serious mental illness
05:05 All mental disorders are metabolic disorders of the brain
06:32 How mental disorders are related to metabolism
8:20 The role of mitochondria in mental illness
10:37 Ketogenic diet and schizoaffective disorder

“One Scientist’s Mind” where we interview trailblazing investigators to learn more about the future of #mentalhealth and potential therapeutic innovations.

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