Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

5 Mechanisms of Anti-Aging, Science Explained.

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20 thoughts on “5 Mechanisms of Anti-Aging, Science Explained.
  1. At 63 I am very interested in a longer lifespan! At least staying healthy and active as long as possible. I just recently became obsessed with healthy lifestyle. I have been doing keto for 3 years and lost 60 pounds. I guess that's calorie restriction! I have tried different vitamins and minerals as an experiment. None seem to be noticeable to me but Ir recently since starting GLYNAC supplements and have noticed better sleep and wake up feeling clear headed and more alert. Hope that continues.

  2. Note that Metformin has been found to deplete B12 levels over time. Personally I consume foods rich in B12 to counteract that effect… e.g. sardines.

  3. i once read some sciency paper and noticed (it wasnt explicitly mentioned in the paper actually, i felt smart for noticing it ?) that caloricly restricted (i think it was) rats (or mice?) indeed hat significantly longer lifespans
    however one caveat: the variance in their lifespan was MUCH larger

  4. Fantastic video, Nic! By the way, on "natural remedies" to senescence cells, I've seen this article recently that you may be interested (in case you haven't checked it yet). It argues that a substance in grape seeds is even more potent than Fisetin (a summary is extended data/fig. 1).

  5. I take rapamycin but it does increase glyconucleogenisis. My blood glucose goes up around 10 mg/dL after taking rapamycin for several days. Its half life in your body is about 4 days and should only be taken every 10-14 days. Unfortunately, the FDA makes it hard to get. Metformin has failed thus far to extend lifespan in human studies and leads to decreases in muscle mass and aerobic performance. It also upsets my stomach something terribly. If you take rapamycin you don’t need chronic caloric restriction, however cycling between excess and deficiency on a daily of weekly basis will delivers the benefits of AMPK.

  6. I thought that most senescent Cells are senescent because there Epigenome has changed to a point they not function like they should or they run out of telomeres.

  7. Nick. Could you tease apart the two primate studies on caloric restriction. As far as I know there are only two robust studies on this. One showed no benefit at all The other did show benefit but you could argue that they were simply fed less of a garbage diet they had them on. Additionally is the difference we see in CR experiments merely the difference in lifespan of a lean vs an obese creature. I also believe that attempts to conduct CR in humans in a rigorous setting were also a failure. Food for thought. We must be super strict with anti aging there so much nonsense floating around in the field…

  8. Super! Thanks so much for the major anti-aging summary and mechanisms and love the pics!!
    Metformin is the only one I would take out because newer studies appear to show it doesn't extend lifespan in humans (though it appears to extend lifespan in yeast, worms, mice). It's great for diabetics though. I prefer berberine. I definitely do believe in calorie/energy restriction though.
    Fab video!?

  9. You has me at C C Calories ?
    I honestly feel like Calories don't apply to the human body. Calories are made when you light something on fire and measure the pure heat output. And the body instead uses mass and chemical energy from food….not Calories aka heat energy…

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