Monday, December 4, 2023
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Bipolarcast Episode 17: Dr. Shebani Sethi

If you have bipolar and are following a ketogenic diet, please consider contributing your valuable experience to the scientific record through this questionnaire study:

Dr. Shebani Sethi is the Founding Director of the first academic Metabolic Psychiatry
Program and Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine. She
is a double board-certified physician in the fields of psychiatry and obesity medicine.
Metabolic Psychiatry is a term she developed at Stanford to describe an emerging
clinical discipline focused on the integrative study and treatment of metabolic
abnormalities and their relationship to mental health. She is an expert in obesity medicine, metabolism, nutrition, and adult
disordered eating behavior, treating patients with a wide range of metabolic and mental health issues and directs clinical
research trials investigating medications and dietary interventions. She is a principal investigator on a study of the
effectiveness of a ketogenic dietary intervention in an outpatient pilot cohort of patients with obesity or metabolic
dysfunction overlapping with bipolar illness or schizophrenia. She completed her residency in psychiatry at Stanford, with
additional specialized training in obesity medicine jointly at Stanford and Duke University Medical Center. Dr. Sethi
received a joint MD degree from Duke University School of Medicine and the National University of Singapore. She
received a Masters degree in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University. She is a recipient of the Kuen Lau Bipolar
Research Award and the Symonds Fellow Award from the Association of Women Psychiatrists for innovation in psychiatry
and contributions to women’s health. She is a member of the Obesity Medicine Association, the American Psychiatric
Association, and served on the council of the Northern California Psychiatric Association.


For more info on ketogenic diet and mental health please check out:

If you live in the UK and would like to join a future ketogenic diet and bipolar disorder study please see the website of the pilot study Dr. Iain Campbell is working on at Edinburgh University funded by The Baszucki Brain Research Fund:

Iain’s keto and bipolar blog:

If you live in the U.S and would like to join a ketogenic diet and bipolar disorder trial please see Dr. Shebani Sethi Dalai’s Baszucki Brain Research Fund trial at Stanford here:…

Podcast hosts Matt and Iain have of 8 years of combined experience using ketogenic metabolic therapy for bipolar disorder and are working to raise awareness about the evidence of benefits of a ketogenic diet for bipolar disorder.


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4 thoughts on “Bipolarcast Episode 17: Dr. Shebani Sethi
  1. Another great podcast! I have been wanting to hear from Dr. Sethi. Thank you for providing the best interviews. Also for including pioneers in the field as well as patients who have had experience with the effects of the ketogenic diet on their own mental health.

  2. I've been reducing my antipsychotics with the help of my psychiatrist and therapist, following a therapeutic ketogenic diet – psychiatrist isn't all that interested in metabolic psychiatry, so I'm pretty much doing a lot of this on my own. I am now totally off all my psychiatric meds, with a 3 month trial period to see how I do without them.

  3. Dr. Sethi is one of my heroes! She's a remarkable visionary in the field of Metabolic Psychiatry.

    I've been doing a vegan ketogenic diet for the past 6 months to help my bipolar one/perimenopause symptoms.
    Developing my well-formulated ketogenic diet, with the guidance of Advanced Ketogenic Therapies founder/nutritionist Denise Potter, has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

    However, this journey hasn't been all wine & roses! I've made some major mistakes from the get-go, and I hope to share what I've learned with as many people as possible.

    It's wonderful to know that doctors like Dr. Sethi exist – thanks so much for another insightful interview, Iain & Matt!

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