Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

How to Improve your Memory RIGHT NOW (FREE)

Purelife Organics Masterclass Episode 1

Todd Lamb, co-founder of Purelife Organics, together with Dr. Anthony Capasso, one of the world’s leading weight-loss and brain expert, will tackle how we can improve our memory and combat memory loss.
The problem with memory loss isn’t age, but something that’s been nicknamed more recently as leaky brain or issues around the blood brain barrier. There’s a lot of reasons why people are having this kind of brain fog or brain dysfunction and there’s really not one single explanation for it. Sometimes it can be related to increased stress and with everything going around in the world. Deprivation or sleep disorders are also big drivers for it.
This idea of the blood brain barrier, which is this area of the brain that protects it from getting injured by pathogens that we kind of get exposed to all the time. And what happens as we age is that this barrier gets weaker because of the exposures to things like tobacco, alcohol, chemicals and stress – lack of sleep, all these things that can do that. And so when the blood brain barrier starts to get a little leakier than things that are getting into the brain that shouldn’t, can now damage the brain.

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