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? ? Feeding your dog kibble, here’s what you need to know. #doglover #doglifestyle

Meet Nikki Burnett, MS CNTP MNT Functional Nutritionist
Understanding the Impact of Nutrition
Nikki has long been interested in nutrition and the role it plays in our everyday lives. She grew up like most people, eating canned or frozen veggies and macaroni and cheese from the blue box. Her parents didn’t know any differently and raised her as they had been.

Seeing family members go through having illnesses, battling diseases, and losing their lives from preventable diseases further impacted her. Nikki saw that misinformation was a major issue within health care today. Researching her own health-related conditions that specialists couldn’t assist her with was another major force in her choice to have a career in functional nutrition.

Nikki left the medical field and attended The Nutrition Therapy Institute. The decision to practice functional nutrition is because it looks at each person as a whole, not as separate parts. It allows her to work with people as individuals, knowing that no one-size-fits-all approach will suffice.

Building on Her Knowledge
Continuing education is an important part of Nikki’s work. Nikki attends regular conferences, classes, and seminars within the field of functional nutrition and health care. The topics she studies include cutting-edge technology, professional supplements, and emerging data within health and wellness. Laboratory testing is one of her primary areas of focus.

“I believe in testing instead of guessing.” The scientific details gained from functional lab testing allows her to identify and target each client’s problem area. You can feel confident you’ll have an effective solution to your particular issues with Nikki.

My Why
“I want to educate people and help them understand who they are and what their body needs. It’s my goal to keep you off medications and out of the hospital as much as possible.”

0:00 Start
0:30 Intro
1:15 Animals don’t have choices
2:56 Nikki’s animal nutrition background – Master’s of Science in Animal Science
3:20 Adopted dogs (brothers) feeding them kibble and how it shortened their life
4:40 Something has to change
4:44 Is it the water?
4:59 Dogs need raw meat and bone…
5:55 We have to learn what it is digs need to eat
6:10 The dogs don’t do well with carbohydrates
6:13 White rice is one of the worst things we can give dogs. White rice can cause diabetes.
6:31 Lots of things we need to learn to feed them raw, it is simple and basic
8:14 50% of dogs have cancer – kibble isn’t real food
8:30 Understand what kibble really is…
10:15 Human food and dogs
11:19 Dog needs raw meat and raw fat and organ meat especially beef liver
12:30 Can we afford this type of food for our dog?
13:12 Canned dog food is even less healthy
13:20 If you have to give your dog kibble also do this…
16:40 Life expectancy switching from kibble to a raw diet for your pup
17:11 Understanding epigenome and gene expression
20:07 What we are feeding our dogs today can increase their life and also increase their vibrancy
21:48 Medicines we give our dogs ie heartworm etc (Nikki gives advice)
27:05 Vaccines and dogs
32:25 Dark space for dogs when they sleep
34:20 Toys coming from China – not good for dogs, instead give bamboo-based ropes
36:20 cbd for dogs
40:40 Nutrients and supplements for your dog
44:31 “The Forever Dog” Great book about raw feeding and a true understanding of what dogs

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