Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

How to STARVE CANCER & Heal the Body | Dr. Thomas Seyfried

Thomas N. Seyfried is Professor of Biology at Boston College, and received his Ph.D. in Genetics and Biochemistry.

He has over 200 peer-reviewed publications and is author of the book, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer.

If you or someone you know has cancer, you’ll definitely want to tune in and learn about this alternative way of treating the disease.

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24 thoughts on “How to STARVE CANCER & Heal the Body | Dr. Thomas Seyfried
  1. Thanks for watching! If you're enjoying this conversation, please vote by hitting the LIKE button on the video. This lets me know what type of guests to book for upcoming shows. Thanks! -Jesse ?

  2. Cancer proves our body is made for fat-burning (not glucose burning). Can cancer be seen as a "solution"? A solution to the problem of how to ridd the body of too much glucose?

  3. Pharmaceutical industry's are not helping in the cure of any medical problems.. they only hinder the situation with drugs that can't cure anything and add more harm to the situation. I was innocently damaged by pharma..I guess you can say I learned the hard way. They'll never get another chance to destroy me again.

  4. The ULTIMATE reason is CAPITALISM – capital's exploitation of labour is the source of profit so we make and source everything from fossil fuels and petrochemicals. There's relatively little labour to exploit from making things from things that grow renewably in the ground.

  5. Dr Ruzzinski from Russia is now working at U of Texas in Austin … Medicare school!! He has found a cure for cancer& is working in medical school.. our medical system in theUS tried to jail him for years ! Thank God the Ut med school hired him! Cancer makes tons of money for this country!!

  6. Breast care chemo and radiation treatment, gave my sister leukaemia 12 years after a mastectomy and 14 lymph nodes removed. Knowing the side-effects is the only way we can truly personally workout, whether the benefits outweigh the side effects?
    Thank you for the upload

  7. There is too much money made from keeping people ill with cancer than there is in preventing it. The drug companies and the sugar cartel will never allow research like this to see the light of day

  8. He’s brilliant!!! I was obese, eating an absurd amount of sweets. I am completely addicted. It’s almost like God told me I HAD to stop or I would die young. I wanna be here for my daughter for decades. Have been on clean Keto and it’s amazing. No longer obese (still overweight but getting there!). No sugar cravings at all.
    Guys, try it!! Your life is worth it. And it’s not even just longevity. Quality of life goes up when you stop eating crap, my mental health is better, no peaks of insulin. You deserve to feel good and be healthy! ❤
    Drugs are a trap, side effects, etc. Heal your body. It’s possible!!!!

  9. I have been an herbalist for 30 years and I know that Cancer is a yeast infection that moves around in the body. It makes a shell around itself when chemo is used. And it travels in the body to get away from the attacks on it. Sugar feeds it and insulin feeds it.

  10. Cancer is also caused by the pesticides that are inthe foods that we are eating. And also most of the foods have added hormones and food additives these all confuse the immune system. And cause cancer. There are heavy metals that go right to the brain after they are eaten

  11. Cancer originates from the yeast that lives in the colon. In the colon it chews up the foods that make it there but when we eat lots of sugar foods then the yeast leaches through the colon and gets into the blood and then it travels all over

  12. Last i heard cancer drugs and treatment accounts for around 136 Billion dollars a year in revenue. If the truth came out that you could cure cancer by diet alone you wouldn't be very popular with Big Pharma.
    This guy is right. Cancer cells need a certain type of food and environment to grow and thrive. If you starve it of what it needs and bombard it with what it hates, (ie high alkaline pH balance in the body achieved by various natural substances and foods) it can't flourish and grow. It has to wither and shrink and die instead of you. But the mainstream won't advocate this as its non profitable.

  13. It would seem that alcohol is the perfect fuel for cancer, as well as donuts and top ramen…
    What I'm saying is that major changes would have to be instituted throughout the food industry that would lead to losses of billions of dollars for food manufacturers, sellers, resellers, restaurant and hospitality alcohol industry you're talkin about killing the goose that laid the golden eggs… And how much of this is triggered by environmental pollution, the more polluted the world is the easier it is to get genes to mutate/runaway? For my understanding it's a little of both. So as the world becomes more polluted the more people's eating habits need to change, however we're getting to a place now where it's really hard to find clean air clean soil and clean water to grow clean food.
    No easy solution it seems.
    If you educate people enough then you can shift the blame onto the people because they know better and then it's a matter of choice whether someone wants to eat a deadly diet or not, a diet based on taste instead of health, choose your poison or choose not… however insurance premiums pay for the people using the medical services, the healthy do not use those services but they pay into those services in the insurance pool.
    So you may not pay with your life but you're going to pay with your livelihood supporting others who choose to make bad choices on how they live how and what they eat.
    No sane person wants to play food police but I'm sure that day is coming, it will be part of one's social credit score where your penalized for eating more than two pieces of pizza etc etc, just use your imagination how people could be controlled for the sake of the common good… (Just like the jibjab scenario) please pardon my digression.
    Shifting gears.
    The world moves at a very fast pace and all these foods are convenient foods, fast forms of energy that feed the workforce efficiently but poison them at the same time shortening their lifespan's and ensuring that they are apart of the medical care industry later on in their lives.
    This almost seems conspiratorial when viewing through these different lenses.
    Does the food industry and medical industry work in tandem or is all of this purely profit-driven fallout where sickness and disease are just a symptom or byproduct of industry -continual growth and sought after profits? leading to polluted degraded biosphere which triggers cancers and host of other disease which then go crazy fueled on refined foods sugars carbs oils and alcohol…
    Its probably a little of all of the above, if there is no sick people than there is no medical industry, there's no need for doctors and nurses hospitals & clinics.
    So conspiratorially thinking would lead me to believe the medical industry protect it's cash cow which would be food and beverage industry maybe that's why some of the biggest industries are partnered up together.
    Thinking about all of this makes my head hurt and crave a chocolate donut.
    Eliminating sugar out of one's diet is definitely a battle of willpower, but if one has cancer then that is the easy choice to make.

  14. It is amazing to hear this.
    I have been in ketosis more or less since 2002 or 2003.
    Thank you for the motivation and food for thoughts in this movie.
    You say that journalists will not write about this.
    Youtube is the best journalist these days.
    This movement is growing every day.
    Thank you for your amazing work.

  15. can we get the 3 minute version and even that would be long , just want to know what to do and not do ,, fall asleep with all the your system works like this or that thanks

  16. What a great interview! If you can take the info provided in this interview and change your diet while your still healthy, you can very well avoid cancer . SUGAR is poison in all its forms! Heard a rumor that if one fasts 7 days a year, no cancer.

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