Monday, December 4, 2023

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9 thoughts on “Readers Digest Deep Dive into the Science Behind ApisBiologix Rocket Fuel
  1. I'd bought it last summer but didn't except PayPal as payment so I ordered the hive alive. I didn't see any results with hive alive didn't do what it said. It sure stinks like medical.. I see now I can order it using PayPal definitely going to add it this spring.. Ian never steered me wrong I wouldn't even still have bees wasn't for Ian help .. bees just died before Ian

  2. While this is very technical at first glance I will be watching this several time to try and understand it all. It’s a shame this supplement is not available in australia. I would definitely give it a go. Meanwhile thank you to both you and Andrew for working on this project and sharing it to the world. The deep dive on honeybee nutrition does not appear to have been widely studied or those that have studied it do not yet appear to have led to widely available products to help beekeepers widely. Cheers

  3. There is a huge “awakening” going on in the human micro biome, pre, pro and post biotics are now proven to be missing in many diets across the world, why wouldn’t it be any different in honey bees. Andrew Muns is brilliant.
    It can only benefit our bees. We have to
    Look at every facet of our honey bee care. Nutrition should be high up, if not top of our agenda.
    Thanks Ian and Andrew. Ps I struggled too lol but top presentation!! ???

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