Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Tucker thoughts. Coffee with MarkZ 03/07/2023

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Fighting Gurus, Iraqi budget, Powell on interest rates, ANTIFA, war, and the Fear Campaign.


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29 thoughts on “Tucker thoughts. Coffee with MarkZ 03/07/2023
  1. Charlie Ward sounds about right If at all . According to people who are Actualy in the know. Every body else is just a wishful beleif strining people along for donations and sales.

  2. ThankU MarkZ for doing your best to bring us the Truth as best you can with your invaluable advice for us to become more financially savy and-help ourselves

  3. PERSPECTIVE: Please put in PERSPECTIVE who you tards are getting "intel" from!!!! This group literally could compete in the special Olympics!

    1.) Mark Z: Drawing a disability check of your tax dollars while grifting this following for sponsorship dollars and making you look like special ed students.

    2.) Militia Man and Crew, dude def looks like he's half a chrome away from DS! But of course has "sources"!

    3.) Ed of Ocala, I'm confident this dude showed up for his ACT/SAT with the box of four crayons he got from dinner at O'charley's!

    4.) Texas Snake, Pretty sure he can't read a pop up book! But sure as hell loves his booze and with every drop of "intel" yells Kobe!!!!

    5.) Bose SLIII/TNTSuperFantastic Conference Call, Literally sounds like he was born without a brain. I've never heard a dumber speaker (Maybe Snake)!

    6.) Wolverine, This cat cry's more than a woman going through menopause watching a lifetime movie. Yet, is batting a solid .000 on "intel"!

    (Those in agreement, please add to this list of clowns)


  4. Great comment from this morning's show. "Zen Jen​Mark if this R/V a given then why are people like ripple still selling dinar? Makes zero sense! Please explain." I tend to agree. If I were holding Dinar and it was on the precipice of RV I would not be selling. Just common sense. Thoughts???

  5. Let’s see what Biden does about the two dead Americans in Mexico by the drug cartel ,,,,my thoughts ,,,he will send billions more to Ukraine and ignore this like he did to Ohio citizens,,,,

  6. My opinion the pandemic was WWIII!! I listened to soooo many doctors at the beginning sounding the alarm bell about the truth! On the Jan 6th episode: I watched the process of the electoral votes live from beginning to end (yes until 4am!) I saw right at the moment the first Representative stood up to protest the electoral vote from their state and that's when the 'interruption' happened. (interesting timing don't you think!) When they came back, one of the Rep changed her mind (she was going to protest the vote from her state: GA !!!) Should have seen the look on her face! I saw the broadcast from inside the capitol where the guards were ushering people in and actually expanding the red ropes to accommodate the amount of people coming in.
    Mark, if the dots are connected after watching you and Militia Man & Crew, it's exciting to watch this play out! The Iraqi people are going to so benefit from this!!!

  7. I’m not sure if things were better back in the day. They might’ve been better for men on a whole but not so much for women. Women learned how to silence their pain and sorrow. My mother never would’ve said anything negative about my dad even though he was a very unpleasant person to live with. Nor would she ever have divorced him Though he probably deserve to be divorced by today’s standards. So things are just harder for men nowadays. I’m not a feminist by today’s definition but I am 67 years old and I’ve done a bit of a living.

  8. LOL, considering this channel is full of those AWAKE i have not heard such a brainwashed channel for some time. Lots of topics you discuss are nowhere near accurate. Just the one i will give you, court cases? the courts are the representative of corporation's, it has been dissolved ages ago, IRS is gone. Trump will not come back as president, president of a bankrupt unlawful corporation. Word corporation is often called Corps, Corps = Dead body, Satanist taking the piss, laughing at us. Research Nuclear Bombs and find the truth. Everyone waiting for the solar flash, what would make a flash? Nuclear eruption, or the idea of one. All the BS reports of things happening on the RV front coming on media channels is all BS. No RV until after the two major events. Still bad running around that would not be a good idea to be in possession of large sums of money. After events, the bad will be gone and those who are ignorant that refuse to accept the truth, works on your frequency, oh yeah greed is a negative frequency and so is selfishness, not considering others. Oh boy, y'all have a lot of catching up and little time to do it. Keep away from the truffer clan, Tarot by Janine, Charlie Ward, Michael Jaco, SG Anon, Simon Parkes, Phil Godlewski,Jason Q, Tom Numbers, i think you know the rest who are on and off each others channels, they are all compromised. If you think i am chatting crap, Good Luck! Another little clue, Issac Kappie said this about JFK jr JUAN GOOD ACTOR, ring any bells?

  9. The best part of this reset is on the other side. All countries on an even footing with nobody with the power to turn off another's economy.

  10. The harvard link to wuhan "charles lieber" had his trial and he was found guilty! He was fined about 1.2million and he was supposed to be sentenced here jan feb and got moved to march! This month. Easy google search shows department of justice info. My FB account got deleted and they changed the name to Kylie Jenner so i cant even push to have it opened as a hacked account.

  11. Just watched Trumps CPAC speech. Ijad a thought a few weeks sgo that 1 Apr could be a day for the RV. Not sure why, perhaps because we are rounding up the fools and there is supposed to be a false flag attack.

    Its also close to the new financial year. I noticed that he repeated its April Fools Day. Yes he's taking the piss out of Been and the fools, but quite often these speeches had hidden intel within them. Its an effective tool to disseminate info/instructions/intel to a large number of people. Repeating key words and how many times.

    Would they RV on April Fools Day, maybe a day or so later but it could be the kick off point. Seems quite apt to round them up on that day.

  12. 1 Chronicles 4:10 NIV

    “Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, "Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain." And God granted his request. . ”

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