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Mold Exposure and its Impact on Health

Mold Exposure and its Impact on Health

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Dr. Justin discusses the impact of mold exposure on the body, which can lead to fatigue, cognitive issues, mood problems, and brain fog. It is crucial to identify whether mold exposure is a past or active matter and to address the root cause of mold growth. Testing the current environment and examining the history of water leaks and humidity levels can provide helpful information.

If mold exposure is a past issue, testing for mold mycotoxins in the urine can evaluate mold detoxification capacity. Utilizing NAC and glutathione can help eliminate water-soluble mold toxins in the urine. Dr. Justin emphasizes the need to address both the gut and environment for individuals with chronic colonization of mold in the gut.

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8 thoughts on “Mold Exposure and its Impact on Health
  1. Hey Dr J, would you be concerned with a really high mold reading outside the house, but the inside levels are safe/normal ? What role can mold outside the place play on ones ability to heal from mold and what can you really do about it being outside ?

  2. What is considered high mold exposure? When we have 40 colonies in a petri dish – it is still considered moderate. How many colonies in a petridish would be considered problematic. I'm confused about this because every household has some mold spores at home coming from the outside.

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