Monday, December 4, 2023
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REVIEW: David Sinclair’s no-NMN “Vitality” Supplement by Tally Health

David Sinclair’s new anti-aging/longevity company Tally Health launched to the public recently. Among their offerings is a supplement blend containing resveratrol, fisetin, quercetin, Ca-AKG, and Spermidine. Do you notice what it’s missing? Yep, NMN. David’s FAVORITE supplement. MetroBiotech probably wouldn’t be too happy if he did include NMN. Wait, he IS MetroBiotech!

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00:00 Introduction
00:59 Three criteria for Tally’s supplement ingredients
01:43 The 5 ingredients
01:53 Resveratrol
02:52 Ca-AKG
04:10 Fisetin
04:52 Quercetin
05:39 Spermidine
06:25 Does it need 2 senolytics?
06:36 Why no NMN, Sinclair’s favorite?
07:27 What MY blend would look like
07:43 info
08:24 Closing


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21 thoughts on “REVIEW: David Sinclair’s no-NMN “Vitality” Supplement by Tally Health
  1. Resveratrol doesn't extend lifespan. The rest is in very low quantities to actually work. Smells like Sinclair is selling a "longevity token" rather than really working package. The guy wants to print money.

  2. I have subscribed within minutes of the video, way before hearing about the MNM year supply contest. The value of information on a simple, direct and concise delivery is beyond a reason for me to be following your channel. Thank you for bringing it up more content about one of my favorite topics: Longevity

  3. I have just liked, and subscribed, to your channel! Btw, I had also checked out Tally Health and noticed that NMN was not in the stack (and TMG). This is very strange.

  4. Very informative video. I am new to all this information, just subscribed to tally without knowing much, just because everything David Sinclair says sounds fascinating. Trying to learn more about nmn and other supplements, your video was very helpful.

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