Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Wellness Wenesday…Big Reveal, 3.0 ATA hyperbaric chamber!

Well, the cat is outta the bag, today we get our 3.0 ATA hard side hyperbaric chamber! Check out 10 ways it can help you today…
1. Increased oxygen perfusion- (Immediate increase in free floating oxygen available for tissue use)
2. Neovascularization- Angiogenesis (new blood vessel growth)
3. Increased white blood cell function (improved neutrophil and macrophage activity)
4. Nerve healing factors (increases in VegF, BDNF, HIF1)
5. Wound healing Increased capacity for healing (PDGF, VegF, collagen production circulatory healing)
6. Stem cell release (up to 8-fold increase in mesenchymal and CNS stem cells)
7. Vasoconstriction (decrease edema and swelling from damaged tissues)
8. Mitochondrial healing (increase in size, shape and number of mitochondria)
9. Anti-inflammatory (reduction of inflammatory cytokines, increase in anti-inflammatory cytokines)
10. Anti-microbial/microbiome balancing (reduction in anaerobic pathogens and increase in aerobic probiotics)
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