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How to Build a Bulletproof Immune System & Prevent Unhealthy Cells w/ Dr. Nick Bitz

Dr. Nick Bitz is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine specializing in Ayurvedic medicine. He is presently the Senior Vice President of Product Development at Neurohacker Collective, a company that uses complex systems research to create revolutionary solutions for health and well-being.

Dr. Nick is interested in Ayurvedic medicine because of his health crisis. When he was a kid, he fell out of a tree, causing a chronic back issue. Not letting his health crisis pull him down, Dr. Nick began his journey of self-care and healing.

In this episode, Dr. Nick Bitz talks about what cellular senescence is and why it is related to the reason why humans age. He also discusses keeping healthy cells and developing resilience. Aside from that, Dr. Nick dives into why fasting is critical to reset our bodies. Tune in as we chat about cellular senescence, fasting, developing resilience, Qualia Resilience Supplement, and building immune health.

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⌛ // T I M E S T A M P S

[00:00] What Cellular Senescence Is And Why is It Connected To Aging Humans
One of the nine hallmarks of aging is cellular senescence.
The core of aging occurs when cells within our bodies cease dividing and just stay within the body; this is known as senescence cells.

[17:20] Tips To Prevent Senescence Cells and Keep Cells Healthy
Free radicals can cause senescent cells.
Increasing NAD levels would aid in support of mitochondrial pathways, ensuring the health of cells.
You want to make sure that when cells are harmed, they have the ability to repair themselves.

[28:06] The Health Benefits of Stress!
A little amount of stress is beneficial to us since it will be the cause to move you into action.
Cold plunges are also helpful because they create resiliency on every level of the body.
Apart from stress and cold plunges, adaptogens also create resilience. It is like a buffer in the external world.

[31:32] Fasting Is Critical To Let Your Body Heal And Reset From This Toxic World
Fasting is one of the lifestyles that support cellular senescence.
Fasting stimulates Autophagy. Thus it can help prevent senescence cells.

[38:24] Do This to Boost Your Mental Function
Qualia Resilience Supplement is a stress formula that doesn’t inhibit motivation.
Its purpose is to elevate mental function as well as buffered the effects of stress.
Do it for five days then take a break on weekends. This will give you more freedom.
It is not intended to knock you out in order to encourage deep sleep. It’s designed to provide you with adaptogenic chemicals that normalize physiology needed later in the evening. And that’s exactly what it’s intended for; it’s mostly a nocturnal adaptogen; I wouldn’t advocate using adaptogens in the afternoon.

[47:40] How to Build a Bulletproof Immune System
Immune cells, like all other cells in the body, ultimately die. And as these immune cells age, your immune function declines over time. As a result, part of the immune cell function and purpose in the body is to monitor the body for these senescent cells and subsequently remove and eradicate them.
Beta-glucans can help your body build immunity.
You may start small and gradually increase your immune intelligence so that when you have any environmental exposure, your body is ready to respond in a healthy, intelligent manner.
Taking Vitamin D, vitamin K, and zinc regularly is also recommended to build immunity.

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  1. I love this! I am no longer on keto but I fast daily, so it’s nice to catch a conversation about something that pertains to my situation. I am all in on autophagy and I take ashwagandha daily so it was nice to hear about that as well?I learned a lot. Thank you!

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