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Debunking Neanderthals – Scientists Debunk Misperceptions About Neanderthals

In this video, we’ll debunk some of the most common misinformation about Neanderthals.
Neanderthals have been a subject of much debate within the scientific community for years, and as a result, there are a lot of misconceptions about them out there. In this video, we’ll clear up some of the most common myths about Neanderthals and show you the truth about what they really were.

Neanderthals have been a subject of fascination for centuries, but as it turns out, there is a lot of inaccurate information out there about these ancient humans. In this video, we’re going to dispel some of the myths about Neanderthals and show you the truth. So sit back and let us educate you about these fascinating creatures!

Neanderthals have been a topic of interest for centuries, with many people believing misinformation about them. But as it turns out, scientists have been working hard to dispel the myths about Neanderthals and their place in human history. In this video, we’ll take a look at some of the most common myths about Neanderthals and show you why scientists have been debunking them for years.

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26 thoughts on “Debunking Neanderthals – Scientists Debunk Misperceptions About Neanderthals
  1. According to 23andme, I have 14 Neanderthal variants. However, I wonder if that number is statistical noise due to how low it is. Also, 23andme could not link my purported number of variants to any specific Neanderthal traits.

  2. Comparing this information to Sumerian genesis, it might be that Neanderthal were one of the Lulu experiments to make a slave race. The accounts say several attempts were made and the outcomes put out to stabilize and multiply in various regions. Could Neanderthal be one of, or the final, experimental series to make these workers some 200,000 years ago? Dates match the accounts….and we know they are discussing genetic manipulation….

  3. Seems to me that since there is no Neanderthal mt DNA or Y chromosomes present today, their hybrid off spring were sterile..indicating speciation.. No?

  4. There is an archeologist in France that specializes in stone tool making. He said that the Neanderthal's technique is way more advanced than African one and as someone that used to work with stonemasons I totally agree. The Neanderthal make a blade in few minutes, something that African will need days.

  5. Behavior should be included because there is a difference between throwing a long spear and jabbing it into a animal and tackling it, changing this one behavior would change the entire physical makeup of a person

  6. They still haven't found the "Missing Link" so, evolution is still just a theory. Between each branch in the so-called evolution tree of man the difference between each is so great there would have to have been at least20 more branches between the two. How did ape evolve into human? It didn't happen. Human evolution never happened. It's "almost" impossible. Why look at some theory when the truth is easy to prove. Throughout history many species "evolved" at the same time. How can this happen? It can't What has happened on a cycle is our sun having a micro nova. This happens every 12,068 years. This will change species DNA. Some DNA is changed so that the species can no longer reproduce causing an extinction of that species. The DNA is other species change and causes the DNA to mutate. In between these nova's there's huge plasma events too. These also change the DNA. The last Nova helped cause the younger dryas.

  7. Addressing the Neanderthal problem, a delightful maze of different ideas using different evidence, I camp amongst those who see Neanderthals as a subspecies of sapiens, first and foremost because we were able to interbreed with each other. I recently read (no source info, sorry) that it’s the skulls and faces that are most often used to differentiate the more recent species of our closest cousins. Body anatomy is pretty similar. And I read elsewhere (I really should keep track of sources) that face shape is highly variable and changes quickly based on diet. Thus, it’s not only sapiens that has had a small flat face. Flat faces came and went several times. In your highly compelling video, you yourself mention that some sapiens looked more like Neanderthal and vice versa. Wild-ass suggestion: all the recent cousins of sapiens belong to one supergroup (like the band Cream). The same species? I don’t know. Why do we still use the Linnaean system, anyway? Hasn’t it become limiting?

  8. You can’t argue with known human history. The ancient civilizations are all descended from Noah who had sixteen grandsons that became the sixteen ancient the civilizations each with their own paternal haplogroup lineage.

    1) Tubal Italy K,
    2) Javan Greek sea people T,
    3) Tiras Thracians L,
    4) Magog Asian O,
    5) Meshek Siberians N,
    6) Madai Medes Q,
    7) Gomer Europeans R,
    8) Arphaxad Arabs Hebrews I&J,
    9) Elam Elamites H,
    10) Asshur Assyrians G,
    11) Aram Arameans F
    12) Lud Lydians F2,
    13) Cush Cushites A B & C.
    14) Phut early Phoenicians E1,
    15) Canaan Canaanites E2,
    16) Mitzrayim Egyptians E3,
    D is likely the Sinite tribe from Canaan.
    C is the descendants of Nimrod since they can’t be from anyone else.

    Neanderthals are Japhethites and Denisovans are a mix of Japhethites and Hamites, not Semitic. It shows up on DNA maps and charts. Every grandson of Noah and their descendants have their own paternal Y chromosome haplogroup lineage! I can name all sixteen of them like I just did and give you each of their haplogroups!

    The evolutionary out of Africa claim is exactly backwards since the oldest progenitor is Japheth the ancestor of Eurasians then the Semitic populations of Shem and the Hamitic African progenitor is the youngest progenitor with their eldest sons connecting the three different families descended from the three sons of Noah.

    It took me a while to understand that the evolutionary claim is assuming that SNP markers are being gained forming the stair steps out of Africa when the reality is that the original SNP markers cited are in fact being lost forming the opposite stair steps out of West Asia as known human history shows.

    The stair step out of Africa claim has to be addressed because the SNP markers are real evidence but the evolutionary assumption is exactly backwards.

    This requires that the older most original genomes of the Japhethites be connected to the Semitics by way of the eldest son of Shem which is Arphaxad (IJ) and the Semitics are then connected to the Hamitics by way of the the eldest son of the eldest son of Ham which is Nimrod (C) the son of Cush. So the Hamitic C paternal haplogroup SNP markers being lost to the less original younger brothers verifies the Table of Nations outlined in Genesis. Learn the Bible before trying to learn anything else.

    It is also noteworthy that the D paternal haplogroup lines up with the E2 haplogroup of Canaan and his son’s tribe of Sinim the Biblical namesake of China. So the only Hamitic haplogroups outside of Africa are the C of Nimrod and the D of Sinim still there in Andaman, Tibetan and Japanese areas.

  9. Very interesting summary of the upheavals to current knowledge brought about by recent discoveries, which will surely go on to wreak even greater havoc to our current (mis)understanding in the coming years. But why show pictures, or rather drawings, of « ancient brutish cavemen » that represent bygone perceptions that are no longer valid, without telling the listener/viewer that they are totally wrong? Those were the perceptions people had more than 50 years ago or even earlier. These pictures are also contradicted -blatantly! – by what is said in the video.
    Anyway, although the overall picture that is currently emerging appears to become messier and more confusing by the day, it does seem to herald a new and deeper understanding of what did happen back then – and in the next decade or two, after more discoveries with newer technologies, this messy picture will again shape up into something we can get our head around. I guess that’s the way science works: a long painful climb through thick scrub with hardly any visibility until one day you emerge on a summit and discover a grand new vista… and another summit out there that’s much higher than the one you’re on! The fun must go on…
    One question springs to mind: Could it be that the infertility of male-female or female-male would have been greater for Neanderhals than for modern Sapiens (for reasons to be discovered) which, over 10 to 15 thousand years would have contributed to Neanderthal’s demise? Would that be a possibility?

  10. This idea is wrong that Neanderthal and AMH had essentially the same behaviors and therefore it is mystery why Neanderthal fell. I know exactly. I was 30 years ahead knowing Neanderthal interbred. All were talking replacement till the last decade or so. I knew interbreeding from the 1980s. There is no question the difference between the two – in my view. And why the one rose. Saying it will offend, but I don't care. The northern Germanic of Europe have more Neanderthal, up to 4-5%. Southern up to 2-3%. East Asians up to 7%. Neanderthal made ONE large, triangular stone tool for 250,000 years. Little variation. They were "conservative." Meaning, unchanging. More ..simple. Afraid of new, more paranoid, and violent. As in modern times the Conservatives in politics. Scared. Unchanging, paranoid, fearful of new and change and immigrants (thus less adopting new memes and genes). Stiff, rigid, less flexible in thinking and actions. The New Humans, AMH were more creative, inventive, more types of triangular stone tools, and made them from bone and antler, wood. Also, new humans decorated themselves with colors and shells, etc. Neanderthal only AFTER learning it from AMH, and still less so. Neanderthal held their spear tight, not throwing it. Getting injured more. AMH threw them, even invented atlatl and bow. – We find this in modern North Germanic. And east Asians who hid and hide behind a wall, unchanging, "conservative" for thousands of years. Modern Germanic were behind. UK half north and south genes mixed invented modernity. Germanic till 1900 had wood wheeled carts pulled by donkeys. Agricultural. More religious (superstition, conservative), less adopting of new. Including factory. Also didn't adopt nation-state till 1910s roughly. Always behind. Also more isolated, fewer allies or friends. Russia alone, most Neanderthal in Europe. Germany and Slavs all alone. Most Neanderthal. China alone. North Korea alone. Japan alone. – Most Neanderthal, fewest friends. – Southern Europeans invent everything. France, Italy, Arabia, Jews, into India, southern China. The numbers we use are not Arabic. Arabs and Jews learned them from India and India learned them from China. Conservative Europeans forbade all but Roman Numerals until 1600, imagine doing math with Roman numbers. And they believed flat earth though all non Europeans knew the earth round. Galileo, Xeno, Plato, everything. 500 years ago some north Germanic were still dancing around naked, painting themselves blue and eating babies as sacrifices to the trees. Most others in Mideast quit all that 4000 years before. Chinese too. Most of the most vicious wars, genocides, slaughters are from these north people. Including NATO threatening mass genocide and suicide of the whole earth – M.A.D. for 70 years, even today. The 2 meter tall northern tribes have more Neanderthal. East Asian more. In east Asian, north rule over south – like in Europe – though southern Europe are more creative, inventive, more "human" – and more AMH DNA. Southern China is more creative, inventive, etc. North Korea, Japan, north China, more vicious and violent. Neanderthal. More simple, repeating, scared, violent, anti-new, anti-change. Same stone tool, unchanging. AMH, more creative, inventive, more complex minds. Welcome new, change, immigrants. Intermarry, improve. This is the unsaid truth. These violent Conservatives, scared, anti-immigrant are the last of the Neanderthal minds. And less successful. We AMH love new ideas and new people and create, invent, THRIVE!!! All modern AMH are known from Yoruba FARMERS of north Africa. Into mideast. But they the source. Farmers! Europeans now farmers. Spread from what is now Israel and Iran into becoming all Europeans today. The old hunter gatherer tribes replaced. But still more violent and more in the north population. Coincidentally where there are more Neanderthal genes.

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