Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Resetting Leptin for Fertility and Weight Loss with Sarah Kleiner (IG Live)

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0:00 How did Sarah Kleiner fix her fertility struggles?
6:27 Low thyroid hormone T3 on strict carnivore.
8:40 Iodine for low thyroid
9:26 Sarah’s current diet meal plan
13:00 Do fruits trigger cravings?
15:23 Breast milk supply on carnivore
16:48 Fasting while breastfeeding
17:58 Mitochondrial health & leptin
20:55 How to test for leptin resistance?
25:04 Circadian rhythm throws off cortisol
25:51 How to balance hormones and leptin sensitivity?
30:32 Blue light-blocking glasses
35:24 Mindset needed for lifestyle change
37:56 EMF and dehydration
?Hi! I’m Dr. Sarah Zaldivar, and I help people lose weight, particularly those who struggle the most in that area. I hold a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology & Nutrition from the University of Miami and am a certified personal trainer and exercise physiologist with the American College of Sports Medicine. I also teach at Miami Dade College and DeVry University on the side, and I am based in Ocala, Florida :).

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2 thoughts on “Resetting Leptin for Fertility and Weight Loss with Sarah Kleiner (IG Live)
  1. "Low Leptin" is not a sign of leptin resistance! It's a function of not enough fat! Vital to fertility! OUT OF KETOSIS TWICE A WEEK! She is fasting too much! This video is going to misinform people.

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