Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Dr.SHIVA: Colloidal Silver & Immune Health – A CytoSolve® Analysis

Dr.SHIVA: Colloidal Silver & Immune Health – A CytoSolve® Analysis

CytoSolve® reveals COLLOIDAL SILVER affects multiple pathways involved in IMMUNE HEALTH

Short video above. Full analysis: https://vashiva.com/how-colloidal-silver-brightens-your-immune-system-a-cytosolve-systems-biology-analysis/

CytoSolve® was invented by Dr.SHIVA at MIT to discover healing compounds from nature w/o animal testing for TruthFreedomHealth.com


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19 thoughts on “Dr.SHIVA: Colloidal Silver & Immune Health – A CytoSolve® Analysis
  1. since i started the carnivore full keto, i feeling after 3 months a whole other person, my skin is clearing up, i don't need the meds i was taking, my back pain and headache are gone

  2. If we had individuals like Dr Shiva Ayyadurai and others as chief medical officers of FDA, EPA, HHS NIAID etc… The country would be on a better pathway to greater health!

  3. Dr. Shiva, can you come up with a formula to get rid of the spike proteins from the vaccines? I heard that Nattokinase (Japan study) used in the dissolution of Spike Protein. Would also appreciate a video on vaccinal shedding.

  4. I have been using Silver cream since 2014 after suffering severe radiation burns. OH MY GOSH! This stuff is amazing. I couldn't believe how fast my skin healed up. Then I discovered it also gets rid of scars. No surprise that after 3 major surgeries on my chest in the past year I have depended heavily on the Silver cream. I insisted on getting another prescription for it and ironically had to explain to the Plastic Surgeon of all people, what the heck I was talking about. I have one more surgery coming up and will be insisting on another prescription. By the way you can actually purchase a tiny tube over the counter but to get a decent size and the strongest dosage does require a prescription. Best shit ever as long as you're not allergic to Silver. That is my understanding about it.

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