Monday, December 4, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

How Stem Cells Will CHANGE Bodybuilding! | Dr. Adeel Khan Interview

Dave Palumbo and Armon Adibi interview Stem Cell and Regeneration specialist Dr Adeel Khan.

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35 thoughts on “How Stem Cells Will CHANGE Bodybuilding! | Dr. Adeel Khan Interview
  1. It's illegal because big pharma is run by the Hooked-nosed Vampires and their tyrannical noose owns the FDA a healthy patient is an unemployed doctor and an unemployed doctor doesnt make money for big pharma because they can't write death med scripts. And without the legal drug Mafia killing off the sheep and making them sick there's no profit and therefore stem cells would reduce the whole shebang in favor of a healthy patient.

  2. Dr. Adeel is definitely one of the most open minded medical practitioners out there.

    I am excited about his recent news concerning University of Toronto.

    With regard to the peptide synthesis debate I agree that sources are unreliable.

    I certainly got some real LR3 years ago vaccum sealed professionally packaged, 2mg per vial, If I recall I bought a dozen.

    Stacked it with humalog, absolutely incredible pumps and I gained not only permanent size from that but my endurance increased my hair grew.

    I played with the ghrp and cjc a little bit I didn't get as much benefit but I truly believe in peptides and HRT across the board.

    Combine with stem cells and you literally have the ultimate therapy.

  3. He’s the real deal I’ll be treating my back and neck for herinated discs for 10 plus years now and such bad pain. I known people it helped them like a miracle thus is the future of healing. Sad usa wants to keep people sick and under surgeries why it’s illegal here.

  4. Have any of you had good results with VIP peptide for chronic inflammation. Been taking it for a couple of weeks and it’s helping with my respiratory issues. I wish I had more understanding of why peptides make us flush, it’s must be something with the immune system responding.

  5. It's all corruption, politics, and all about Money (also the titles, a lot of doctors that I encounter use the doctor Factor to be higher in status)

  6. This guy is legit. People need to open their eyes about medicine and how wrong western medicine is. There are miracle drugs that are highly regulated and banned. A few years back no one was doing trt and there were no clinics but slowly people found out its a miracle. Now everyone is doing it.

  7. The stuff really works I’m a patient of dr khan’s I had treatment done directly to my penis I was only 3 inches prior the treatment and after only one treatment session I’m now 8 inches I really recommend it . Best 20 grand I ever spent thanks dr khan ?

  8. I run the Radiology equipment at Orthomed in Sarasota. We're doing 5 stemcell treatments today. I'm always a major skeptic but I've seen some amazing results. From Parkinsons to paraplegic. This is the future as long as the government doesn't screw it up.

  9. Wow, some great information. Crazy that all of these clinics are claiming stem cell treatment and charging accordingly, however, providing nothing but quack medicine. I can’t say I’m surprised though. Always love having Armon on the show. ???

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