Monday, December 4, 2023
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Essentials of Acquired Brain Injury: Mechanisms of Traumatic Brain Injury: Secondary Injury. (2/3).

In this the second of this series looking at the mechanisms behind the mechanisms of the “silent epidemic.” we examine what happens to the brain and at the tissue and cell level minutes, hours, and sometimes up to a few years after the initial primary injuries that occurred in the initial traumatic brain injury.

we further explore how traumatic and acquired brain injury generally are a disease of not just the survivor but of society at large.

Secondary Injury is a complicated cascade of metabolic and inflammatory processes, as well as neuronal self destructive injuries that cause wide spread destruction of which the person having experienced the ABI and those around them usually are totally unaware until they notice significant decrease in function in motor, cognitive, emotional, and social spheres of the survivor.

These secondary injuries seem to be associated with the underlying injuries not just of physical trauma but of infection, anoxic brain injury, toxic encephalopathy, metabolic errors, and neurodegenerative diseases not associated with mechanical trauma.

Following secondary injury, there are tertiary injuries which stem from a variety of interaction of generic, epigenetic, environmental, psychological, and social factors. We will explore these in the third and final episode of this mini series on Essentials of Acquired Brain Injury.

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