Wednesday, December 6, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Prof Brigitte Koening Advanced Mitochondrial Testing and Potential Therapies

AONM offers mitochondrial testing via a specialised laboratory in Germany, Magdeburg Molecular Diagnostics (MMD). The laboratory’s founder and Chief Clinician Professor Brigitte Koenig gave a first AONM presentation on these diagnostics on 5th April 2022. That webinar covered the ATP Profile and the Mitochondrial Health Index, where mitochondrial function under pressure can be measured using multiple dimensions. (see

Part 2 looks at the more advanced supplementary tests available:

The ratio of mitochondrial DNA to nuclear DNA, which indicates the mitochondrial mass, PGC-1α, which shows the ability of the cell to produce new mitochondria, and the MitoOx test, revealing the extent of mitochondrial oxidation and possible DNA damage from oxygen radicals. Nrf-2, our cells’ master antioxidant regulator, can also be measured, as well as the lactate/pyruvate ratio, which shows which fuels are actually getting into the mitochondria.

Gilian, AONM’s Director of Research, follows up with an overview of initiatives that can be taken if these tests reveal malfunction.

This is an extremely exciting webinar on these fascinating organelles that generate our high-performance energy, and much more …
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