Friday, March 31, 2023
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Q&A: Vitamin D, Genetics, and Questioning Everything | Mitolife Radio Ep. 189

In this solo show I answer listener questions including:

How come you switched your opinion about vitamin D? Whats the best supplement to take to increase circulation? What’s my number one health tip for women? Supplements for kids? How to lower cholesterol? What is the ideal zinc to copper ratio? Best way to calm the nervous system? What causes parathyroid hormone to be high? …and much more!

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0:00 Show introduction
1:16 Could it be sustainable to consume plant based whole foods, excluding meat, dairy, and eggs?
3:58 Experience with the bean protocol
6:56 Is 5mg of zinc for 8mg of copper enough?
10:33 Does Matt plan on starting a family one day
12:07 Proper vitamin D levels/ discussing D3, zinc, ascorbic acid
15:35 Calcium, parathyroid, and D3
19:02 Context of supplement choices
20:45 Nutrient counterparts and elaborating on Vitamin D and his further research on the topic
33:14 Thoughts on the bio charger
33:46 Can dissolve it help help with spider/varicose veins
33:57 If on a tight budget what supplements would you prioritize
34:48 Are night terrors caused by mineral imbalances?
35:30 5HTP studies on sleep terrors
36:53 Taking cod liver oil without also taking E and K
37:36 Best way to lower high blood pressure
37:53 Matt’s experience taking BPC 157
39:26 How to handle unavoidable stress
41:41 How the effects of deer antler velvet differ from pine pollen
42:44 Talking about fat soluble vitamins
46:13 Safe to use grounding technology indoors
48:30 Advice for those wanting to gain knowledge and credentials / not being static in thinking
53:23 Ways to heal past trauma without talk therapy
54:11 Lucid dreaming
57:34 Vitamin B17 and cancer
58:32 Putting magnesium bicarbonate in the adrenal cocktail
58:58 Does Matt ever feel like giving up?
1:00:32 Ammo reloading and 3D printing guns
1:01:43 Is Matt pro Vitamin D now like he is with ascorbic acid
1:02:25 Are we just biding our time before things change?
1:04:18 Why is beef liver in a capsule beneficial?
1:05:49 Ride or die supplements to bring while traveling
1:06:47 Should people avoid taking liver supplements alongside vitamin C
1:08:02 What causes PTH to become high
1:08:22 What to do about calcification in the brain, how to remove it
1:10:02 How to help low male testosterone
1:10:58 Is anemia still a copper deficiency
1:14:38 Where to begin if you don’t understand all the lingo
1:15:27 What to do for pigmentation spots on the face and hands
1:15:52 Why Matt recommends cigars
1:16:16 Grounding sheet
1:16:53 Why do I keep getting cavities even with a healthy diet and how to prevent them
1:18:11 Should vitamin K be avoided if you have a genetic clotting disorder and are not on blood thinners
1:18:44 Safe cookware
1:19:48 Best way to calm the nervous system
1:21:10 What supplements for kids?
1:22:28 High dose proteolytic enzymes for blood thinning
1:23:24 Number 1 health top for women
1:24:22 Itchy scalp help
1:24:44 Supplements to improve circulation
1:25:58 Which form of potassium to supplement
1:26:39 Best piece of health related advice
1:27:08 Closing thoughts/ outro


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14 thoughts on “Q&A: Vitamin D, Genetics, and Questioning Everything | Mitolife Radio Ep. 189
  1. This d thing I'm not concerned about calcification but more interested in how it ingestion deactivates the immune system negatively in comparison to sun derived d… oral d causes inhibition of vdr thus 25 and 1,25 build and take over other receptors like androgen receptor or glucocorticoid receptors which is worrying ! This occures as the vdr never gets activated (or isn't released to the membrane or even formed) to bond d and trigger the negative feed back loop which reduces 25 and 1,25 formation… This whole thing is a headache, a fun one though. Anyway sun derived d doesn't do this, and nor does it negatively effect lipid panels.

  2. I agree with this so much. No health guru is right about everything. You have to be your own health advocate and find what works for you. I know I have been confused over the years listening to health experts say various things commonly recommendeded were bad. Take what works for you and leave the rest. What has helped me is muscle testing. Before I take a supplement, I check to see if it's something my body needs at that time. I was skeptical about it until I saw my son healed from leaky gut using naet treatments. Muscle testing is a big component of the therapy.

  3. Thanks for your resilient pursuit of truth, Matt. This is such a confusing field and I'm glad to find someone adaptive and willing to change their mind.

  4. I like the way you think 🙏🏿👍🏿
    I spoke to Morley a few months ago — he said he D3 level was…24 😮
    He believes anything above 20 is okay.
    I'm also taking what you take: magnesium, boron, K2, D3, zinc, tocopherol and vitamin C [not ascorbic acid].
    I believe, though, D3 level over 45 may be dangerous for most people….because that level over time may increase the risk for arterial calcification.

  5. Matt, please confirm you got this important message:
    You take vitamin K2, correct?
    That is a great thing.
    It must be in the right form.
    I'm not talking about Mk4 or MK7 😮
    It must be in the trans form.
    Most K2 supplements are sold in the
    cis form
    which may encourage malignant cells to proliferate 😮😮😮

    I personally use:
    ➡️ Healthy Origins K2 MK7
    ➡️ Nutrigold K2 Mk7


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