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Does Bodybuilding Make You 100% INFERTILE? Extreme Sports Cause AZOOSPERMIA!

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0:00 – Intro Teaser
0:17 – Sports Vs Your Fertility
1:22 – Most Popular Sports Among Males
2:08 – Cycling
3:35 – Running
4:22 – Other Endurance Sports
5:05 – Mountaineering
5:34 – Martial Arts
5:53 – Weightlifting
8:17 – Watching TV Vs. Exercise
9:13 – Sports With A Positive Effect On Your Fertility
12:44 – Mitigating Negative Effects
16:42 – Why Did Steve Come Off Cycle?
19:20 – Closing Thoughts

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26 thoughts on “Does Bodybuilding Make You 100% INFERTILE? Extreme Sports Cause AZOOSPERMIA!
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  2. Awesome video Coach Steve ! I would like to propose a few videos covering specific PED, diet and training protocols for American Football, MMA/Boxing , and Track and Field ! Have a great day brother and thank you ! ????

  3. So I made my girl pregnant on 1g test, 600mg deca per week and 100mg anadrol daily being at the end of my 9 month blast. Was I extremely unlucky to make her pregnant when I thought I was pretty much infertile or am I naive to think Im the one who made her pregnant? What are the odds here?

  4. Steve i watch a lot of TRT related content , hands down you are the man with regards antioxidants and mitochondrial support. My antioxidant and mit support stack closely follows your now , tks

  5. Thanks for the information Steve… that’s a lot when considering fertility protocol. It’s not all about supps and other pharmacology… there are behaviors as well. Even I never considered it. I take about 2400mg of NAC and 200mg of Glutathione subq every day… would the help with some of that stress? I’m considering cold showers now and icing my berries … lol.

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