Saturday, December 2, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

RESET Your Age & Live Better with These Peptides for Longevity | Jay Campbell on Mind Pump 2032

00:00 Intro
00:45 How he became the ultimate biohacker of his health.
06:28 The science of peptides.
10:40 What is a bioregulator?
13:15 Are there side effects from peptides?
15:59 The “ShamWow” peptide.
19:58 Growth hormone releasing peptides 101.
23:36 Why peptides need to be cycled.
33:43 Be a smart consumer.
37:58 MOTS-c, the amazing mitochondria stimulator.
39:36 What is the prime reason we lose hair?
48:01 Epitalon: The “Life Extension” Peptide.
50:33 The FDA does NOT want peptides to become mainstream.
52:01 Protect yourself with immune-boosting peptides.
56:12 Heal and rebuild your body with peptides.
57:46 Mainstream consciousness.
1:06:28 PSA for the listener curious about peptides.
1:08:03 The hierarchy of peptides.
1:10:58 Tesofensine: The ultimate brain stimulant.
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29 thoughts on “RESET Your Age & Live Better with These Peptides for Longevity | Jay Campbell on Mind Pump 2032
  1. This is awesome, I'm 10 years younger than Sal but very interesting in maximizing health and slowing aging. You guys should have David Sinclair on if you haven't.

  2. I’m a pharmacist at a sterile compounding pharmacy where all we do is make peptides and the demand is thru the roof were several weeks behind and adding new doctors daily from all sorts of practices. Currently a massive transition behind the scenes as demand from patients are forcing MDs to learn more about peptides and I believe they like it cause it doesn’t involve insurance companies which brings more profits for all involved. Thou peptides aren’t thought in med school or pharmacy school in the next several years most medical professionals will be forced to learn them as the demand doesn’t seem to abate. I love watching this podcast and keep up the great work

  3. MP team, you don’t even have to do a giveaway for this episode. This episode is a the best free gift you gave to your audience and fans…. I’m ?… actually will have to rewatch so I can take notes. Prob one of the best episodes MP has had…. Thank you gents????

  4. Wow this was super interesting to listen to. Curious if using peptides helps someone going through perimenopause and dealing with those symptoms. Something to look into.

  5. Around 34 minutes, Campbell says how Tesa and Ipa are great but he saw he held about two inches of water at his belly. Would creatine then make that even worse or better? And does that mean you should use only one or the other (Tesa or Ipa), not both? Also, we are hearing about these HEAL unlike drugs. Can something heal my torn vertebrae disc?

  6. Great podcast. Jay is like a guru genius wizard of this stuff.

    Hunting for my next MAPS program. Coming off Aesthetic soon (my only program). Any suggestions?

  7. Got back to lifting at the end of last year. Following yalls fitness advice has led me to lose weight and gain strength! Recently set a lifetime bench PR and have been doing much better about getting full ROM on all my lifts!

  8. That's crazy how these have been around that long but they are only now having a Renaissance. Hoping that this will drive quality up and cost down, now that you are having all of these wonderful discussions about peptides. Thank you!

  9. Where can you purchase these peptides without going through a doctor/clinic that just wants to put you through their funnel so they can collect some fees?

  10. I used CJC 1295 combined with Ipamorelin and had great muscle size and strength gains even at the age of 40. Any suggestions on finding a good compounding pharmacy? I would love to try out MOTS-c but cant find a reliable source

  11. I started listening about a month ago via the pod cast, I was so hooked after just a few episodes that I had to go back to the beginning. I'm almost 350 episodes in now and can not get enough, I literally listen to you guys everywhere! I went and got myself a gym pass yesterday. I'm truly excited to see what I can accomplish both physically and mentally with this new sense of empowerment I have because of all of you and the passion you put into the sharing of your combined knowledge. Seriously love what you guys do ??

  12. DAMNNNN this was excellent!! truly fascinating how long these have been around and yet most of us are just now becoming cued to it!

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