Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The #1 Cause of Weight Gain OVER AGE 40

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The True Cause of a Slow Metabolism

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – Intro – The True Cause of a Slow Metabolism
1:06 – Our Metabolism is Made up of 4 Things
1:37 – Your Metabolism Doesn’t Decrease Until Age 60
3:05 – Activity & Metabolism
3:58 – Muscle Mass & Metabolism
5:13 – Sodium-Potassium Pumps & Metabolism
6:49 – Hormones?
7:50 – What Can You Do?
8:15 – Tip 1 – Protein
8:41 – Get Grass-Finished Meat Delivered to Your Doorstep with Butcher Box!
9:56 – Tip 2 – Aerobic Exercise
11:34 – Tip 3 – Resistance Exercise


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47 thoughts on “The #1 Cause of Weight Gain OVER AGE 40
  1. Dead on. Too many excuses for people avoiding the responsibilty of their own well being. 40 year olds in my family look a decade older..not this guy, not on my watch…also do you think its a chicken or the egg scenario? meaning does our Metabolism change because of the bad habits thus affecting hormones or does the body actually start to breakdown thus affecting that chain of events? Id like to see a study with people whove been active and healthy their whole lives (and who are in their 50s) and see what their bloodwork shows..too many times we use regular folk to do these studies people that had followed a SAD for most of their lives should not be included as a baseline for how the body actually responds to aging. (imo).

  2. I'd add one thing: dynamic core strength exercises. I've been doing kettlebell and steel club exercises to improve my core strength. You have to be very conservative in working up because the muscle tissue can get ahead of the connective tissue (my personal experience) but it's important to bulk up your core, more than it is to do the Nautilus machines, etc. Core strength is directly correlative to longevity. Just don't destroy your joints, tendons and ligaments.

    My personal experience was that I lost some lean mass when I fasted off 100 pounds, mostly fat. I should have been getting the protein and doing strength training between fasts, but I didn't. Having gotten back into resistance training, which I'd done before I had spinal pain that I've successfully treated with keto and fasting, I've now added that core strength work with kettlebells and steel clubs, and I can feel the difference in how robust I am. The only thing is, I hit it too hard at first. It's easy to not detect how hard you're working connective tissue, because apparently, muscle strengthens more quickly.

    I've had a lot of success following the free videos from Mark Wildman at Wildman Athletica (nothing to buy from him, so don't worry about that–it's just another great channel.) Thomas—I think you should reach out to him. You've got a lot in common.

  3. Over 50 here, and I'm in better shape than in my 30s, and I'm talking both fat and muscle mass. When you're young, you might think you can get away with a lot, drink and eat whatever you want and get away with it. But when you're older, you "know" you need to look after your health, eat well and exercise. Times are changing and older people know they need to look after themselves.

  4. Started home workouts with kettlebell is my mid-40s, now a few years later I'm ready to move up to the 32kg, so I've definitely built muscle. My T/TH cardio is a 1hr circuit of rebounder + bodyweight exercises like pushups, crunches, etc. Walk a lot on weekends. Question: Would little mini- workouts spaced throughout the day have a cumulative metabolic effect?

  5. So grateful to see a call out to menopausal women. My only issue is, I'm sorry, there's more to it than loss of muscle mass and less movement while eating the same calories. Literally have an endocrinologist and a nutritionist reviewing my blood work and saying wish they could help. My body acts insulin resistant even though all blood work says otherwise. So, either science doesn't know much about insulin resistance in menopausal women, my breast cancer medicine which is reducing hormones only has some weird things happening or there's something missing from the menopause and weight loss / muscle gain equation. It's because of this channel and tweaking the order of protein, adding ACV and foods that help me be more sensitive to insulin that I've gotten a handle of the problems. I was able to move more, and stop counting calories and lose a couple pounds. I love your content and recommend it to everyone. I hope some day science prioritizes women's hormones not just testosterone. Keep up the great work!

  6. Thomas drops some more important information here. Not so much just about belly fat, but more about metabolism as we age. Not sure why Thomas labeled it this way, I suspect it was a mistake.

  7. Walk at least one hour a day and don't overeat, no matter what diet you're on, that's the main keys to keep weight off, no matter your age. And if you can fast at least 16 hours daily, it's very beneficial for health and weight loss. I drag myself 2hours walk a day and hiking. Never gain an ounce for decades. It's hard to put your shoes on to leave for a walk, but you will appreciate and enjoy your walk later.yes, you can have a beautiful young looking body at any age, if you seriously take good care of it. I strongly believe in exercise and fitness. And eat well. Listen to the video, protein is the most important nutrition you really need.

  8. I needed this. I wasn't active when I was younger and BOY do I regret that now that I'm in my early 40s. I need to start because diet alone isn't working any longer. I have to reduce my calories so much b/c I'm just SO sedentary.

  9. after visiting my mom and eating three pieces of lasagne my weight went up significantly because my glycogen storages where really full.
    on the next day i mixed 5g beta glucan powder and about 15g of glucomannan fiber in my coffee – which almost resulted in a pudding. i drank it and a lot of water too.
    i felt extremely satiated. i guess my L cells cranked out huge amounts of CCK, PYY and GLP-1.
    that seemed to lower glucagon and gluconeogenesis very fast, letting insulin drop and lipolysis shoot up. i felt the effect of ketones and kind of overpowered like drinking far too much caffeine.
    glycogen stores emptied very fast, i needed to pee more often and the weight dropped fast.
    it is crazy what effect a fiber supplement has on the hormones.
    tonight i did something similar, but instead of coffee, i used milk and added a bottle of yakult plus that i had in my fridge for two months.
    maybe i grow some lactobacillus paracasei that also can create GLP-1 and have them sustainable.
    i don't want to use Ozempic. i want to fix my GLP-1 output naturally.
    that is the current one billion dollar question that science is trying to answer now too.
    also having the right microbiome that cranks out a lot of SCFAs, boosts the metabolism as well.

  10. It is funny to meet how scientific you have to get in America to loose weight, I am from the Caribbean Islands a third world country and you don't need anything fancy to loose weight, all you need is your mind because loosing weight is sociological ones you ready mentally your body will follow and the other thing how many people can actually buy grassfeed food for there's site it is not sustainable for people that live pay check by pay check , that's why a lot of people give up because they think they are not doing it wrong when it comes to the nutrition

  11. Wow thank you for giving us 40year olds a nice little push that everything we do in our 40s still counts a ton. That was very surprising info about metabolic rate changes not being that wild. The only thing I will say for any 40 something year old woman out there who is not sleeping is that this is not normal or benign. I was completely dumbfounded when my sleep went away in my early 40s. I had been a pretty stable stable sleeper most of my life. I ended up going on bio identical progesterone and it made a significant difference. When I later figured out that mag threonate also helped (over the counter) I started that too and the combo was super helpful for five years. I felt I discovered the wheel and told any woman I knew and most women my age told me they had the same problem and had gotten used to it. They didn’t want to take pills etc. They got so much stuff done in the middle of the night. At the time I didn’t really know the physiological and neurological importance of sleep, I just couldn’t imagine how women function like that because I am a mess after 2-3 days of getting less than 6 hours sleep. I no longer need the progesterone, but I am pretty religious about my magnesium. I now take both threonate and glycinate and break it up into two doses one with my midday snack and the other with my last meal of the day which is always between 5&6pm. It works really well for me as well as 10-15min yoga nidra tracks and other soothing type tracks as needed. I just wish women in their 40s wouldn’t just assume 7hr sleep nights is a by gone. Weight gain is one of the many problems sleeplessness can bring on.

  12. Post menopause woman athlete here and I started gaining weight steadily (from 18% fat to 25% fat) doing the same amount of activity, that gain started just before my final period and I had to start to eat less. It’s not true for women that the hormones just make us change our activity, I didn’t change it but my weight went up. It’s the hormones. I’m on it now. It sucks that I can’t eat as much now. It’s harder to get my nutrients in. I literally cannot cheat ever anymore, no treats for me and I am very active, training twice a day.

  13. Thomas I thought I would help you with options that 60 to 70 year olds have … swimming, pickle ball, yoga, paddle boarding/kayaking, walking, dance, spinning, bike riding, CrossFit, weight lifting, kickboxing, hiking even running 🙂 just to name a few. I’m 65 and I dont know anyone who plays shuffleboard 🙂

  14. I don't take HGH directly, but I do have a prescription for sermoralin which is an HGH peptide that encourages your body to increase it's own HGH production. I am 47 years old, and my main form of exercise is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 4 days a week. I can say that after I started taking sermoralin my body fat went from 22% to 15% in about 3 months with no dietary or regimen changes. I can say with 100% certainty that higher HGH levels make a huge difference in how much fat I retain.

  15. Before I was 20 I would just have to think about eating and I would get fat. In my 20's if I thought about eating my body would perspire furiously so I had to force feed. In my 40's if I thought about eating I would get fat. Now in my 50's I am inbetween, it's kind of nice, starting to build mass, I have a lazy thyroid now and wondering if it will stop me from needing to force feed and sweating so much I lose my underarm hair and get bigger. Maybe I will have a hyper metabolism with lazy thyroid and if I sweat too much I can just stop taking my thyroid pill

  16. Beans provide the biggest bang for your buck for protein, as long as you are willing to work off the glucose.

    Example: black beans at Sam’s Club is $1.08/lb and 104g of protein per lb, so 96g/$.
    White rice works out to 53g/$.
    Chicken tenders are $2.99/lb and 136g/lb, so 45g/$.

  17. Great video. This speaks to context, and with all other things being equal, individual variability, lifestyle, activity, etc., Some people let themselves go, either by choice, health issues that impair their mobility, or just intentionally by choice. That is why you will see men and women of the same age, where there may be noticeable differences, with some being in worse shape, while others may be in much better shape physically and medically.

  18. Hey Thomas, I'm a new fan of yours and your videos help me start my keto diet a lot.

    I also watched a few of your videos about being stressed about constant content creation, and here's a suggestion: you could add some videos about (consumable) substances that can improve our health, e.g. theanine and theobromine (as you did in the past). I enjoyed those videos a lot and it really helped me prime my sports performance.

    Keep up the good work and wish you all the best!

  19. I am a lean muscular 42yr female about 105 lbs and consume upwards of 100 grams protein daily and 60+ grams protein on lower end per day. Protein is super helpful and aerobic exercise is a staple.

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