Friday, March 31, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Minecraft ETC Electron Diving Activity Area Overview

This is a short video of a Minecraft Education Edition World that was created for a second year university cell biology subject. This video is an overview of the first activity area, called ETC Electron diving (ETC = Electron Transport Chain) that is part of a mitochondrial world. The video is an overview of the activity area with numerous more videos to come that guide students through the key elements of the activity as they explore a hosted version of the world live. The ETC Electron Diving activity area helps students explore how the ETC is ordered and relates height to potential energy as they progress through the activity, playing as though “they” were an electron. The activities also instil the order or electron carriers, their names, the notion that electrons follow designated paths through the ETC, energy levels of electrons, proton pumping to the inter membrane space, how electron leak leads to reactive oxygen species. All these topics are covered more in the related ETC Electron Diving Videos. This video provides a quick overview of the activity.
Apologies for the rough edit. I’ll try to make some more polished videos when I can. I just wanted to get these materials deployed in time for my students to use them asap. Many thanks for watching and welcome any feedback.

Copyright acknowledgment: The image inset of the electron transport chain that appears between 1:04 – 2:39 minutes in the video is from the textbook “Becker’s World of the Cell” by the publisher Pearson as also visible in the lower left hand side of the image. All rights to this image are retained by Pearson. This video was generated as an educational aid for students studying the Cell Form and Function Subject.


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