Friday, March 31, 2023
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My Top Ten Daily Supplements: The Essentials + Honorable Mentions

Are you confused by the endless sea of vitamins, minerals, and supplements inundating the wellness scene? Do you find it challenging to know what to take and which brands to trust? Guesswork can be costly, not only to your budget but also to the delicate balance of bodily balance and homeostasis.

In this video, Luke displays the culmination of his use and study of various supplements over the past 25 years. Every nook and cranny of his kitchen pantry collection is laid out and examined, highlighting his top ten daily favorites and a few bonus products for optimal health and performance.

The supplement game can get overly complex and expensive. The goal of this video is to simplify the process by highlighting the nutrients that are universally applicable and critical for vitality and longevity.

As important as it is to know which supplement to take, it’s equally imperative to find the safest, most effective, and trustworthy brands for each. Not all nutritional products and brands are created equal. This video will help to clear the confusion and simplify the complex practice of biohacking down to the basics- and a few bonus performance enhancers for the more adventurous consumer of supplementation.

Below you’ll find a quick reference cheat sheet with links to and discount codes for Luke’s favorites.

1.Methylene Blue
        Troscriptions –
        Mitozen Lumetol Blue Suppositories –
        Mitozen Lumetol Blue Bars (Oral) –
2. Cod Liver Oil –
3. Copper
        Sovereign Copper –
        Upgraded Copper –
4. Mitolife Shilajit –
5. Quinton Sea Solution –
6. Magnesium
        Magnesium Breakthrough –
        Upgraded Magnesium –
7. Vitamin E
        Annatto-E –
        Mitolife PUFA Protect –
8. Whole Food Vitamin C
        Paleovalley –
        Shen Blossom –
9. Just Thrive Vitamin K2-7 –
10. Molecular Hydrogen Tablets –

Honorable Mentions:
Mitozen NAD+
​ Suppositories –
Liposomal –
Upgraded Iodine –
Wizard Sciences C-60 –
ION Gut Support –
Just Thrive Spore-based Probiotic –
Activation Products Marine Phytoplankton –
Pure Natura Freeze-dried organ meats –
(Longevity Power now makes an incredible organ meat powder) –

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12 thoughts on “My Top Ten Daily Supplements: The Essentials + Honorable Mentions
  1. Nice video, and yes, I know it's hard to get the 'best of' down to a top 10 all-star level super nutrient/mineral arsenal of must-haves. But, in my mind, Zinc would be my #2, Selenium would make my top 10, and the most unpronounceable metal, Molybdenum, would make the top 20. Every molecule of Co2 must be dealt with by the body bc you just can't dump this gas/acid into the blood as it will alter pH. So, inevitably, Co2 enters the bloodstream, in which It immediately reacts with water via the ancient enzyme Carbonic Anhydrase/CA to make carbonic Acid. The many fates of carbonic acid, but one critical destination sight is the stomach, as carbonic Acid disassociates and eventually becomes HCL. When it's in the kidneys, carbonic acid will make you bicarbonate, so it becomes the great buffering system to deal with acid chemistry. In the lungs, carbonic Acid will dissociate once again and be released as a vapor of water and C02. Becoming food for the plants. The critical point is that the cofactor for Carbonic Acid is Zinc. This is why zinc is the all-star for stomach acid; it's the all-star for the bicarbonate system, which is why zinc is the great alkalizing mineral. Exalting zinc status to superhero and my argument for making Zn #2 just behind Mg.
    Furthermore, this is just one of approximately 200 zinc enzymes, and let's not forget when zinc-loaded sperm hits the egg, that is the zinc spark of life where conception has happened. In the verticle column on the table of elements sits the Zn family of elements consisting of Zn, Cadmium, and Mercury, in which 1 ion of mercury will displace 1000 ions of Zn as the heavier metal always displaces the nutrient mineral. Furthermore, the super organophosphate fertilizers are loaded with cadmium displacing hundreds of ions of Zinc and calcium, not to mention we lose 80% of our Zinc daily just thru digestion…

  2. πŸ™ŒπŸ» I too, am a vitamin junkie! I work in vitamin aisles at a local sprouts. we just began carrying bio optimizer powder magnesium ~ love it !! thanks for sharing. And, I have wanted to order methalyn blue from toco, may just do it tomorrow!

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