Friday, March 31, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

4 Ways to Become Healthy Using Nature | Transcending Diet Wars With @carriebwellness

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29 thoughts on “4 Ways to Become Healthy Using Nature | Transcending Diet Wars With @carriebwellness
  1. It is astounding that we are having to teach people the basic human experience and physiological premises based on thousands of years of living on earth! Mass psychosis anyone.

  2. Lol – I have the canopy, grounded bed and getting the magnetico soon. Another fantastic discussion, love the way this channel is going.

  3. I recall Joey when you had Jack Kruse on that I commented how you were finally on a wonderful path. This lady is amazing too!

    Well done Joey – broadening your mind beyond diet and understanding the entire environmental impacts on humans.

    So good! 😂

  4. Also Taking A Shower (In Pure Water / Use A Shower Filter At Minimum, Whole House Filter If Possible/ Unless You Live In Aruba Or Something) Is Extremely Beneficial For Reducing EMF Symptoms Because Anytime You Contact Another Body Of Free Flowing Water You Are 'Grounding' As Well.

    When Im Swimming At The Gym I Can Literally Feel The Balance Occur After Lifting Weights In A High EMF Environment.

    Now Ive Started Using Resistance Pool Weights To Workout IN THE WATER, Genius.

    In A Resistance Pool I Use The Pool Weights To Do All Sorts Of Calisthenics Movements, Full Body Workout, And Doing It Enough To Bring Muscles To Failure WHILE Grounding And Keeping My Body Cooled Off . Its Like God Tier Life Hack For Building Muscle.

  5. Thanks Joey for broadening the conversation beyond diet. My functional medicine training taught me that healing may start with nutrition but it’s so much more to it than that 😊

  6. You talk about the diet wars but really its a war of animal abuse vs non animal abuse. It is possible to be vegan so there is a moral imperative to be

  7. Awesome Chat…Thank you for sharing…Don't forget Joey, Hermetic Principal #1 "All Is Mind" Add this principal to your inquiry and your results will show you the Truth…In fact it is the only way to get there….Cheers 🥂😎🥂

  8. if someone says "i have a masters degree in clinical nutrition," i leave the room. Typically, the smartest people are the dumbest in regards to nutrition, yet it does matter, and it doesn't. Cool to see you go head on with Durianrider. Do it again so he can school you 😋

  9. Time why I felt so good taking a shower in natural cut shower. It fels so right. I was in a hotel, but still I was regenerated. Most shower with tile and porcelain don't ever have this affect.

  10. Ok these are the types of convos I really enjoy. I’ve been following Circadian rhythm intermittent fasting, waking up before/with the sunrise and watching sunset, grounding and being in nature everyday. And it’s completely changed my life.

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