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Everything you NEED to know about Microcurrent Devices | Does Microcurrent cause Facial Fat Loss?…

Welcome back.
One concern I am hearing more and more is that at home microcurrent devices cause facial fat loss. In todays video I am talking to Dr Phoung Nguyen, a Phd in Biomedical engineering, about this, as well as other concerns regarding microcurrent devices.
Here is the device Dr Nyugen created
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48 thoughts on “Everything you NEED to know about Microcurrent Devices | Does Microcurrent cause Facial Fat Loss?…
  1. Thanks Claudia. On a different topic, your skin is looking great lately! – your face is more toned and lifted than ever. I mean you always look great, but have noticed a positive change recently, maybe for past 2-3 videos. Have you been doing anything different lately (last 2-3-4 months)?

  2. I had not heard that people were concerned about microcurrent or LED causing fat loss. I have been hearing other concerns regarding radio frequency. Dr Dray has a video for RF up too and it’s excellent. On another note: Claudia, I am SO grateful that Tamara mentioned you and linked one of your videos a year or so ago! You are just a gem! 😊💖💜

  3. Hi Gorgeous, What great reassurance and I'm going to stop being lazy and get back to microcurrent. I'm in such awe of this Dr. and she speaks English beautifully! Thanks to you both
    for laying out such great info. Have a great day! xo

  4. I have used the ZIIP over a year and see no fat loss . My understanding is fat loss happens with things that produce heat . There is no heat with ZIIP. I LOVE Y ZIIP. 💜💜

  5. Hi Claudia, bless you 🙂 I have a question for you… I am with Curology now and was getting a hydroquinone fade cream for dark spots. But in order for me to continue getting that I would have to switch to their company called agency and it would cost a lot more per month. So I am sticking with Curology. Do you know of a reasonably priced hydroquinone fade cream that gets pretty good results?

  6. Thank you for this video. I'm so glad that microcurrent is affective on its own because I'm unable to use light therapy due to being on immunosuppressive medication. Nice to know microcurrent has its own benefit.

  7. Yhis was very useful information, I never knew microcurrent was cellular.. Much of the info it is just a temporary solution to give a little lift to the skin. Really happy to know it has effective long term results that stimulates collagen and elastin. So many have dismissed MC perhaps that is why.

  8. @ Claudia Glows Hey Beautiful! This was super helpful (and relieving!) I was especially glad to hear you can’t overdo LED because there are days I just linger under my panel because it feels so good! I wonder if she mentioned the target megahertz (mhz) for microcurrent – the level that is ‘physiological’ for our body? Thanks so much for the great info, you’re always teaching us!❤️Xo

  9. Claudia -great info …here’s some of questions: the Doc mentions the importance of identifying EMS vs Microcurrent currents, do we KNOW if Skeen patch is in the right zone for stimulating cellular health of skin versus just muscle stim? And also is it a sign to turn down your microcurrent devices when you get visible muscle twitching? If so, Skeen does create muscle contraction which makes me wonder.

  10. Hi Beautiful Claudia, thanks for this interview. I also have seen amazing results with Microcurrent. I also get this question a lot. it's great to get an expert to confirm. Have a wonderful week! xoxo

  11. Great video! I have a question. What about face yoga causing fat loss? I remember the doctor who founded Adipeau skincare mentioned this. Any thoughts?

  12. Thank you Claudia for this video. I’m so glad that microcurrent does not cause facial fat loss. I love microcurrent and use it daily even for only five minutes in the morning. I have several micro current devices such as the Pico toner, Myolift mini and the Clareblend mini.
    I’m currently looking into purchasing the TriWave. I really do love the result of microcurrent and it’s some thing I don’t ever want to be without.

  13. Oh my gosh her English was perfectly fine ! Very good to know that our beloved devices do not cause facial fat loss used in moderation . I want to make a batch of your Almond milk and I cannot find the recipe in any of your videos , I only remember having to soak them over night. Could you pls give me the recipe or link your video . Have a great week ! You look amazing 😍

  14. Thank you for this info. Nowadays skepticism and questioning are necessary even with these Youtube “ doctors” like Dr Dray… when does she actually spend time in a practice with real patients since she seems to spend SO MUCH TIME online on all social platforms with daily uploads?

  15. Another very useful and on-time video! Claudia , one thing that distinguishes you is your nacked skin that goes along with your naked truth approach. I am delighted and encouraged at the subtle, but noticable improvement of your overall appearance – it is more you , natural and authentic .

  16. Ckaudia , I would be interested if you would talk about the devices with ionic- or ionic+ effect on skin wellness and face overall health . I just started using one – my very first device.

  17. Dr.Nguyen has a lovely diction. I do appreciate her clear and easy to understand explanations. Thank you again for the "naked truth" and empowering us with scientific back knoledge.

  18. I finally had a chance to rewatch and really pay attention…great info and the Dr. Explained everything so clearly! time to dust off my micro current…and I can’t wait to visit and play with your devices! 😘💕❤️

  19. Hello Claudia!! Loved this presentation! I have been using my microcurrent device also on my crepey upper arm skin and oh my goodness!! It has improved the sag lines and crepiness sooo sooo much!! I'm thrilled! Am hoping to wear sleeves t- shirts again!! Just love how informative your videos are to watch!! Thank you!

  20. Hi,Claudia I need something to keep mu jawline tight and neck. I was going to buy a micro currant devise but now i just don't know. I want your advise please. I want to buy and red light therapy light for my body.

  21. Dearest Claudia…Thanks for being a detective for us. You do such a wonderful job of getting information to help us all learn anti-aging techniques! You are beautiful….keep up the good fight (anti-aging that is) 🙂

  22. Thank you for finding the engaging Dr. Nguyen to provide the expert's info! Always much to learn here with you. (Regarding her concerns about her English language, when you are that brilliant, it truly doesn't matter!) ~~Jane

  23. Thank you beautiful Claudia You are glowing. I started with microcurrent devices many years ago but abandoned it because I didn’t see the results I wanted and I also into diy and it always bumps with my treatments🤷‍♀️. So red light therapy is my absolute all time favorite at home device and I have a lot of devices gathering dust.

  24. Hi dear Claudia, thank you for this fascinating video. Dr Nguyen is very knowledgeable and also very sweet. Now I'm slowly thinking about trying the microcurrent device myself. Best wishes to you xx

  25. Wow! My NuFace Trinity and my DPL LED Red Light panels have been sitting here collecting dust because I thought they don't really do much of anything! I guess I need to dust them off and start using them every day! Thank you for this information.

  26. Hi Beauty, I found this interesting. I was investigating the Truth Treatments NRGY device. Many people said it was so strong pushing the facial muscles. I wondered if long term this would cause any damage? I know muscle twitching should not be done for long. I was wondering if you had any thoughts on it, or on the device? I still want the Skeenpatch, but saving money for it. Thanks for any advice you have.

  27. So was she saying ems isn't good? I have both modalities. I feel like something has shifted in my face, but I was also using radio frequency. So I'm not sure which one it was that shifted my facial fat

  28. Thank you, Claudia. I've seen this question come up a lot in comments sections, though I never really thought this could happen with microcurrent. Most of us are just at an age where a lot of facial changes are happening, so it's impossible to distinguish between natural aging and any devices we may use as the cause. As an aside, could you tell us how often you use retinol alongside your microcurrent device? Most instructions for microcurrent devices warn against applying retinol the night before using it. I'm complying, but I really want to use my retinol every night. I know some people use it the night before or even on the day itself without problems, but I was wondering what your routine is for this.

  29. I get CACIs and they are brilliant. Definitely makes a difference but you do have to keep it up. Doesn’t last a long time but that’s why you need to keep going…. My bf can always tell

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