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This Vitamin Resolved His Chronic Fatigue and Body Pain

In this video I interview Vish, a health and wellness advocate in the UK, who over 13 years ago developed a delibilitating health condition for no identifiable reason. After a long search was eventually diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

He had come to me around 3 or 4 years ago for a consultation, but unfortunately the advice I gave back then wasn’t of much help. However he got in contact after seeing a recent interview and offered to come on and share his story!

It turns out he has been following my videos ever since and had decided last year to start using vitamin B1. And since then he has seen quite a miraculous turnaround in his health.

Fast forward to today, he considers himself 90% recovered.

In this interview we discuss what he did!

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DISCLAIMER: Elliot is not a medical professional and the information in this video is provided for general informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. Always consult with your primary healthcare provider for medical advice.

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28 thoughts on “This Vitamin Resolved His Chronic Fatigue and Body Pain
  1. Loved the video and will incorporate the B1 for sure. Have to share this totally unrelated story with you after hearing that he is struggling with H.Pylori. My dad was diagnosed with H. Pylori years ago. He went to the doctor and was prescribed antibiotics. This didn't help but instead, exacerbated the symptoms. My mother did some research and found that SIBERIAN PINE NUT OIL could help him. She ordered a bottle. By the end of the bottle, his symptoms were gone and he hasn't had any symptoms of H. Pylori since. A couple of years later, my brother-in-law was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer. It was making his life miserable. We remembered what SIBERIAN PINE NUT OIL did for my dad so we ordered a bottle for him. He had the same experience. One bottle later and his symptoms were gone. How they consumed it was they took a tsp or tbsp (can't remember what the bottle instructions are) of it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Yes, just in case you're wondering, it does taste like pine. We've gotten it on Amazon but other sites sell it as well, although not many. I get the SIBERIAN TIGER brand. I must say, "Please consult your doctor before you take this and any other supplement. This is not a cure or treatment for any disease." Just my two cents. God Speed and God Bless.

  2. Sounds like he was dehydrated, he still looks very dehydrated and is most likely the type of person who is really vain; tight clothes, almost no water, and punishes himself in gym. And of course very random stuff starts to happens when you do that. You can tell by his mental focus that he generally does not drink enough water.

  3. I like him I've been suffering with the same symptoms. I do have a high tolerance for pain pretty much everything he has had is what had happened to me I also like him saw your videos I said let me try so I bought High potency serrapeptase I also bought niacinamide (b3) N acetyl l Cysteine (nac),berberine HCI, LArgine Base electrolytes, potassium. I started mixing two drinks a day I probably was overdoing it I saw results almost in the first day. I kept up the hard work and drinking the very nasty nasty tasting concoction, but with the electrolytes and / or a tea mixed in, made it more tolerable I did this for approximately two months saw huge improvements in lung capacity and just being able to walk like I once did very easily. I was a professional horse rider from the age of nine. I had no problems in the fitness part this covid or whatever they gave me in Junction nearly killed me far as I know it still is. But I really want to say is I get the occasional flare-up from time to time take another little bit of concoction it seems to help it took me off of the inhaler rescue inhaler and other over the counter inhalers I have been taking this is huge for me. Because I went to many doctors they just exhausted my insurance companies they did not really try to fix me. I fixed myself. With your Insight and help thank you❤

  4. My personal experience was I would get almost better on my own and then slide twice as far back and that kept going on and on for several years I tried some very expensive treatments the doctors gave me the inhalers that cost $600 and on and on the only thing that's going to cure you that your own immune system. So I tried to strengthen it the best I could with your advice several others on the internet it's all you can do really you get to a point where you just try anyting you asked Vish about his fee complex treatment and why it work this time I have a suggestive idea as the spike protein keeps getting more populated that is the culprit that's something within that that or the process in which is going on that eats up all of these vital stable nutritions that are normal operating for the bodys needs. The body can not distinguish this intruder, because it is incognito.

  5. I tried to get help for 10 years. All the dr’s told me it was in my head, laughed at me, rolled their eyes at me. I was so scared and so alone and they wouldn’t help me except to take $100,000 in their special protocols and procedures!

  6. Interesting, I’ve been taking Benfotiamine for a few weeks. Unfortunately I’ve also boosted my B12 supplements so it’s difficult to determine which supplement has been responsible for my physical turnaround. I take the Benfotiamine twice a day 150mg two times and B12 (methycobalimin) in the AM 5000 mcg.
    Wish I knew which made the big change.

  7. Sounds like the guy got a bad vaccine. I got a flu shot and got very similar symptoms . I report it o VARS and apparently a lot of other people had the same thing. I believe the vaccine had too much mercury and fried my system nervous system, broke out in inchy eczema all over, chronic fatigue, shaky hands, and many other things and no doctor could help me or wanted to because ground zero was a vaccine. I believe the vaccine had too much mercury and aluminum in it. I could taste metal in my mouth for months. I had to take 5000 mgs of vitamin C and 1000 mgs of calcium for years trying to remove the metal from my system. These vitamins help remove heavy metals out of you system. Hopefully, this guy's vitamin regiment will help me get back to fully normal. Sounds like it will be based on my study.

  8. Flagyl for h. Pylori? That is not the correct antibiotics. My cousin was treated with clarithromycin with amoxicillin to prevent resistence for 10 days and it cleared out and then needed some time to heal the damage. H. Pylori will cause low stomach acid preventing absorbion of b vitamins from meat and proteins.

  9. @eonutrition I have all his symptoms from a covid infection which caused me to have high chloride levers (metabolic acidosis) I want to start taking b1 or even b-complex in general but don’t want to make things worse. Can taking b1 too often or even a b complex vitamin cause toxicity?

  10. well since i have the exact same syndromes let me ask you this. Are you vaccinated?? because all those symptoms started when i got my second vaccination… Keep in mind that i had a very good health and exercise regularly. I do have my grandpa who has Parkinson decease though so i don't know if this is linked to my story

  11. CDs isn’t a vitamin issue it’s a mineral one. Minerals are what make vitamins work though and taking isolated vitamins will lower minerals more :/

  12. Hi EONutriention if a woman is on her period and has fibromyalgia what can she do when she feels really out of shorts during her period?

  13. I’m curious to know how many people who are suffering these horrible symptoms have been prescribed fluoroquinalone antibiotics, such as ciprofloxacin, levaquin, moxifloxicin, etc.? When I began having altered mental state from suspected TIA’s, convulsions, fasciculations, weakness, fatigue, polyneuropathy, dysautonomia etc., it was following multiple doses of cipro for UTI’s over several years and then one dose of levaquin from an orthopedic surgeon. There’s a controversial condition known as FQUAD; fluoroquinalone associated disability. It’s believed these medications can cause genetic damage which affects cellular regeneration. I have been tested for everything imaginable because I went from a healthy, athletic, competent RN to an anxious, rambling fool who can’tfind words to finish sentences, can’t sleep, endure muscle atrophy in my legs and buttocks that prevents any kind of endurance (like grocery shopping, cooking and basic self-care). I ordered B1 and agmatine after watching this. Spent $1000’s on out of pocket healthcare and supplements for a decade. Hope for some benefit!
    Look into the FQUAD or FQAD (spelling) and let me know if you think it’s valid. Thanks.

  14. I will be trying b1 …. suffering with fibromyalgia for years. I spend most days in bed from the pain. I have been binge watching your videos today. Headed to our whole food store to source b1. I cannot gain, my weight is 97 pounds, everything I eat hurts. My husband has been keeping a diary of everything I eat.

  15. This is my story almost word for word. I had no clue about the B1 vitamin so I can assure you I will be heading to the store ASAP and picking up some B1. I am a 70 year young widow and was diagnosed with FMS/CFS 30 years ago. I have taken ever kind of meds vitamins etc known to man…almost. The B1 though, is a new one so I will be grabbing some later today. Thank you both so very much for this info.

  16. Since 5 years ago I had stomach pain whilst I was eating and lost 4 stone in weight after that and couldn't eat anything. As time went on my hands were tingling and I could hardly breathe and felt such bad fatigue I injected b1 and B12 once a week and my energy has improved a lot but I still suffer, been told I have gallbladder disease and waiting surgery, does gallbladder problems cause deficiency in b1 etc?

  17. As a Physician Assistant who has diagnosed and treated many fibromyalgia patients, I want to say that the GI symptoms and numbness/tingling of the tongue that he experienced would not be consistent with this diagnosis. From my experience, fibromyalgia is highly associated with past personal trauma and it is quite real btw.

    And for the record, please don’t believe stuff like “don’t go to hospitals, they will kill you.” Yes poor care and bad outcomes happen sometimes for several reasons. But my brother in law literally just survived necrotizing fasciitis and toxic shock syndrome from a mild cut from glass on his hand 12h prior. Had he waited another few hours he likely would have lost his hand or died from the infection.

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