Saturday, June 3, 2023

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36 thoughts on “KT The Arch Degree – The Black Sun
  1. They said Jesus made bread out of stone that's what plants do turn iron into digestible liquid iron they say plans for the healers they say Jesus is the healer they say Jesus is the word they say the seed is the word. Plant it planet plant parenthood

  2. Peace and Respect to all, we are headed to the reality of alternate carbon Netflix series. The Chip is a Stack of memories hosted for a body called sleeves. Look into it for self knowledge

  3. The Black Sun is Saturn, the first Sun and planet of the universe, It controls time, and the physical world, also known as Kronos, the planet with Hexagon on the top, a hexagon as 6 straight sides, 6 corners and 6 angles, 666. 666 is also the element formula for carbon, which is also black. A hexagon In its 3rd dimensional form, forms a cube, hence all the black cubes all around the world, for example the Kaaba, which means cube. Saturday, sabbath, Saturn. The Black Sun, worshipped on Saturday, The sabbath, Saturn day

  4. OK you guys are messing me up I want some honey I want eyedrops I’m on the west coast. How does that happen?

  5. Melanin is programmable. We can do anything we want. The military applies melanin as a coat on their planes and other technologies, but you have to ask where they are getting all this melanin from since it can't be created by humans. Only God can give you melanin. The truth is they are getting it from so-called black people. All those homicides and killings and the mysterious abductions of our people are how they get it.

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