Sunday, June 4, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Optimizing Oxygen Carrying Capacity & Cardiac Function With Supplements | Endurance Deep-Dive PART 1

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0:00 – Intro Teaser
0:35 – Improved Endurance Deep-Dive Introduction
2:27 – Optimizing Testosterone Levels
4:37 – Optimizing Oxygen Carrying Capacity Introduction
16:29 – Optimizing Cardiac Function
16:33 – Caffeine
18:55 – Ubiquinol
21:29 – Shilajit Fulvic Acid
22:44 – PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone)
24:33 – Taurine
27:21 – Fish Oil & Krill Oil
29:33 – Magnesium
31:10 – Carditone
33:08 – Extracts
35:58 – Optimizing Skeletal Muscle Function & Lactic Acid Removal Coming Soon!

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48 thoughts on “Optimizing Oxygen Carrying Capacity & Cardiac Function With Supplements | Endurance Deep-Dive PART 1
  1. Supplements Discussed:


    Cortisol Blocker:


    Energy Drink:





    10% Discount Code: VIGOROUS

    Ashwagandha Root Extract:

    Tongkat Ali:

    Fadogia Agrestis:


    Vitamin C:

    Vitamin D3:

    Vitamin E:





    L-Carnitine L-Tartrate:

    B-100 Complex:





    Shilajit Fulvic Acid:

    PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone):

    Fish Oil:

    Krill Oil:


    Hawthorn Berry Extract:

    Garlic Extract:

    Nicotinamide Mononucleotide:

    Nicotinamide Riboside:

    5% Discount Code: DTV967

  2. Hey Steve, cool to see you cover this. An interesting topic I've been reading and learning about for a good 30yrs 😅 These days you can find heme iron in supplement form. I use it just occasionally at a relatively low dose since I get a decent amount of red meat for natural sources. I'm not sure I want to get those higher amounts of antioxidants like vitamin c and e regularly though. Personally I'm happy to get more moderate number you mention. I think a good complete E supplement in moderate dosing or a couple times a week is underrated. All 8 forms including 4 tocopherols and tocotrienols in balanced ratio, higher in gamma vs alpha. Typically gamma is found in higher amounts naturally in diet. As someone who keeps up on the latest research I've been huge on ubiquinol for many years as well. PQQ yes I am watching and agreeing with you as I follow this video lol I'm trying to think what I would add. I would say Robuvit French oak extract is pretty high on my list. There's a probiotic found in sauerkraut L. plantarum called TWK10 in supplement form that is pretty interesting for endurance. And I'm not sure I heard you mention nitrates which are huge in the endurance world these days. I was on that a good 10 plus yrs ago. Arugula is the best food source even better than beets and then there's the nitrate supplements like arginine nitrate or betaine nitrate that you can now go for. Thing with them is you want to get them in around 2 to 3hrs before activity to ensure salivary glands, oral and stomach bacteria etc do their job to convert to nitric oxide and peak at the ideal time of activity. I think tannins like elligatannin rich foods are a good choice like pomeganates not just for good blood flow and endothelial functioning but to hopefully increase microflora metabolites such as Urothilin A and B. Research suggests not everyone has the right gut bacteria to do this job and now you can find these as supplements as well in Urolithin A and B. Super promising compound it appears. Increasing NAD for sure via nmn, nr or nicotinic acid should help. Cocoa is another interesting compound with all those good flavonols and epicatechins etc. I'm just going off the top of my head, my supplement shelf probably shows some other cool things I'm forgetting atm but my lady puts up with me so far! 😂 Must have a keeper ❤ cheers

  3. hi steve, im on trt my levels are about 950 and i noticed when my estrogen is higher i get ocd specifically somatic breathing ocd. it only goes away if i either crash my estrogen with an ai or lower my dose to grandpa levels. whats going on? is it too high dopamine. how do i fix it. thanks

  4. Steveeeee love ya brother! Really appreciate you including a stack for both Natties and enhanced camps, 🤙🏽🤙🏽!! Look forward to the Nootropic too 😁

  5. Thank you for another great video. I just read your Comprehensive Guide to HRT | Cruising | Bridging E Book and I am going to get my blood work done in the next few weeks. Any thoughts on Atrial Fibrillation?

  6. How much Q10 for health benefits? Currently running 600mg’s/day split into two doses am & pm, should i up the dose or is there benefits for heart health on this dose?

  7. The time and effort you put into your videos, time stamps, and associated links is unmatched. I've learned so much from your Ebooks and youtube content over the years. Can't thank you enough!

    ps. I miss those og swear dubs "testosterone" "trenbolone" hahahaha

  8. Maaan… Steve Youre the pro coach of the internet lol. Athletes pay for this a LOT and you teach the ppl how to do things. I think its unprecedented xpecially at this quality.

    Allow me please to add something: The problem with Pubmed and other free public research sites is the very same with researchgate or academia edu ; phd students and researches MUST show up some results or they dont get their credits…

    So what does that mean: these public researches are not totally safe to use in real life because theyre not completely unbiased. There are several ways to distort the methodology in your favour to prove the theory. But, these phd candidates and researchers dont really take the consequences about their papers, they almost always add that more deeper research needed in (usually) crucial points. Its of course doesnt mean that their work is not valuable. It is, but its not intented to adopt in real life usage, as usually many other factors (organic chemistry….)needs to be considered before applying.

    Imho the best way to get information is signing up to strictly curated (and proofread) research sites (these are all paid sites) where the publications and researches are usually financed by companies and the methodology is rock-stable scientifically (ofc there is always risk of finding biased studies because of financial interests of pharma company but they are much more safe).

    Just a kind warning to all the fellow athletes 🙂

  9. Recently discovered your channel. Have watched hundreds of hours of YT vids from health and wellness professionals. You sir, are no less than impressive. Excellent work. Keep it up. Thank you.

  10. Hi Steeve, thank you so much for the effort you've put in the realization of this very usefull video ! How would you compare Ubiquinol to cardarine ?

  11. For me, when is running season (I compete in 2 sports, running spartan races and weighted calisthenics, one rep max pullup with weight and one rep max muscle up) i like to come off cycle and run on my own testosterone(note to say, i have gilberts syndrome and high natural testosterone, 34-38nm/l whch is i guess around 1100ng/dl, and naturally upper borderline red blood cell count ), even though strength goes a bit down, however endurance goes waay up. Bonus is that my weight goes down 2-4kg, which is tremendous difference in my times. And even though im muscular (86-90kg with 175cm, 12-15% BF, 28 BMI) i run rather fats and efficient. My last spartan competition i managed to achieve 15th place out of 462 competitors, it was sprint 5k uphill in the mountains. In June i have 3 competitions, wish me luck, and thank you coach Steve for this knowledge, it helped me improve a lot! #meatheadscanrun!

  12. Very nice. As a mountaineer, I always wondered how to get a stack that is beneficial for high elevations (4000+m). Would you tweak any of those to adjust to the lower ambient oxygen levels?

  13. Hey Steve. Great content as always. I've moved away from bodybuilding now and more into long distance running and cycling. What's really helped me is a lot of zone 2 cardio to build a great endurance base. And a sit ton of kettlebell swings to keep my explosive power.

  14. ma steve!!!! everytime i get a notification of new video it feels like i put my hands on a treasure of information can't wait for the least of the new series.. liking the video before it began

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