Thursday, September 21, 2023
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How To Slow The Aging Process, Look Younger, & Improve Skin Cells Ft. Dr. Kyle Landry

Today we’re welcoming to the show, Dr. Kyle Landry, President of Delavie Skincare. After starting off as a food scientist, Dr. Landry was recruited to do postdoctoral research by Dr. David Sinclair, co-founder of Delavie Skincare. Together they focused on organisms that prevent and reverse aging, and discovered one special ingredient called Bacillus Lysate. Together they created Dealvie Skicnare, with the goal of tackling skin concerns, particularly aging. Today we’re sitting down with Dr. Landry and he’s giving us an in-depth look at how our skin ages, longevity for your skin, and what we can do best to hack the aging process. He also gets scientific and gives an in-depth look into enzymes & microorganisms, and he breaks down the science behind skincare products, how they interact with our skin, how they’re tested & how to read between the lines of skincare labels. Lastly we discuss how Delavie Sciences was created, how they’re changing the skincare industry, and how to take charge of your skin’s aging process.

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6 thoughts on “How To Slow The Aging Process, Look Younger, & Improve Skin Cells Ft. Dr. Kyle Landry
  1. The term “designing food” is concerning, food particulars shouldn’t be designed it comes from plants and animals. And now I’m more concerned abt the chemicals they put on fruits in transit.

  2. I've heard of Sinclair but not Landry before. He's super interesting! The fact that he finds organisms living under extreme conditions and is able to take that and apply it to humans and skin care is beyond lol Really interested in hearing more about his skin care products.

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