Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Why Mindset Is Essential to Self Mastery

We often talk about health on this channel but there’s a proponent to health that many people often forget: mindset. Today we’re going to talk about the healing powers of perspective, and why mindset is essential to self mastery and the role it plays in mental health. This video will make you question not just, “How am I nourishing my body,” but, “How am I nourishing my mind?” Sometimes even the mental health experts don’t know everything; so much of psychiatry, for instance, is still often a guessing game; Kaylor preaches mental health and wellness without pharmaceuticals, something he likes to refer to as: mental wealth. Don’t think it’s possible? Give his story a listen and decide for yourself.


Kaylor has been a life coach for over 13 years and is deeply passionate about helping people live their best lives and upgrade their mental health without pharma. He uses components of mental, physical, and spiritual health methodologies—a fully holistic approach—to help his clients get “unstuck,” and achieve their innermost desires. How does Kaylor know so much? He went through his own journey and went from breakdown to breakthrough.

Check out Kaylor’s unbelievable mental health story here:

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” —Blaise Pascal

“White space in your calendar is the devil’s playground.” —Grant Cardone

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00:00:00 Were your mental health symptoms a result of a medication deficiency?
00:01:18 Why is my nervous system on high alert?
00:06:54 Why are symptoms important?
00:08:07 Why is your mindset powerful?
00:10:45 What does a shift in perspective mean?
00:11:25 Can perspective change your life?
00:11:55 What does it mean to be a victim of circumstance?
00:12:14 Is it bad to have a victim mentality?
00:14:58 Is obsession always negative?
00:16:09 What interventions can be used to promote resilience?
00:19:58 Addiction vs. Obsession
00:25:50 How does a person develop discipline?
00:26:28 Why is it important to have a well defined goal?
00:27:12 What is more important motivation or discipline?
00:30:17 What is the difference between motivation and inspiration?
00:34:09 What are the benefits of keeping a calendar?
00:35:58 Can you sit quietly in a room alone?
00:38:17 What causes lack of self-worth?
00:39:28 How does a toxic environment affect mental health?
00:44:36 Affirmations vs Incantations
00:47:17 What did you think of the movie “The Secret”?
00:53:47 A Daily Dose of Vitamin G!



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