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Lose Weight Fast with Berberine (How to use it CORRECTLY)

Berberine is one of the most powerful weight loss supplements out there because it acts on some of the most fundamental issues that precipitate weight gain.

What makes it ideal is that it has a broad range of benefits, is well-tolerated, and can be used in conjunction with other weight loss supplements and medications.

Here’s how it can help you lose weight:

1. By improving insulin sensitivity. Berberine has been shown in at least 1 study to have an equal impact on blood sugar as the prescription medication metformin.
2. By increasing the density of mitochondria in your muscle cells. Increasing muscle function is critical to burning more calories.
3. By activating brown fat tissue. Brown fat tissue helps regulate your heat production and metabolism and berberine can help you brown white fat.
4. By reducing inflammation. Reducing inflammation helps balance fat-storing hormones like leptin.
5. By improving gut health. There is a connection between gut health and your ability to stay lean and berberine can help clean up your microbiome from unwanted bacterial overgrowth syndromes.

The ideal dose of berberine is somewhere between 500 mg all the way up to 2,000 mg taken each day. You will want to split the dose taking half in the morning and half in the evening.

Most people are fine taking 1,000 mg per day but you may want to take more if you are trying to treat issues like diabetes or insulin resistance as well.

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39 thoughts on “Lose Weight Fast with Berberine (How to use it CORRECTLY)
  1. Dr Childs, can someone who's had their thyroid remove benefit from this supplement, and if so, are there any major side effects to look out for ?

  2. I started taking Berberine this past week. I did miss a couple days here and there and managed to lose 5lbs without trying. I've noticed I'm not getting that after meal bloat that I always get after eating literally anything.

  3. Will this affect my IBS i have hypothyroidism and Fibromyalgia and i dont want to be constantly in the bathroom and where can i buy it ? Can i lose alot of weight on this ? I need to lose 150lbs 😢

  4. I love your videos. Thank you Dr. child’s. I just purchased and started today DihydroBerberine cause regular Berberine has side effects I heard from another Dr. I’m type 2 pre diabetic for the last two years and exercising a lot and walking minimum 10,000 steps a day. I’m hoping that this Berberine will help me to control my blood glucose better and will give me some muscles!

  5. Thank you! I have been using it for about 4 1/2 weeks now. I also do IF and eat whole foods 90% of the time.
    I'm hopeful bc nothing else has worked. Thank you!

  6. Thank you for this video🩵I was just wondering if it is any difference between this to BERBERIN?Should i aske my doctor for an prescription or should i get the other one??Also,i have no Thyroid,will this be good for my condition??Thank you🌷

  7. I have been taking Barbara in for a month now. I have never taken a supplement that has such profound effects on me. I was borderline diabetic and I haven’t gone to the doctor yet but I am so much more emotionally stable feeling that my blood sugar has got to be even. It’s unbelievable really

  8. I stared taking Berberine at the same dose you are recommending to kill my late-stage Lyme, and it dropped my pulse to 40. It took 3 days to reverse it. Be careful if you take medications, since I think that may be the issue here. It is strong stuff.

  9. Please be aware there are side effects, contraindications, cautions and warnings regarding berberine interacting with certain medications. EG: Berberine can negatively affect sedative medications and anticonvulsants as well as medications that rely on certain liver enzymes for breakdown. It’s interesting information to discuss with your own physician.

  10. Just received my package of supplements from your online store… just started taking the Berberine ❤ Can’t wait to see results from the bundle. I can’t loose weight. 30lbs from my goal weight. I eat clean, no sugar, no gluten, no dairy and still have problems.
    I just got the diagnosis from my doctor for Hypothyroidism. ( prescribed me Synthroid ) My first response was…no thanks I’ll get more information online. 😅found you ❤

  11. My body is super-sensitive to nearly all medications and supplements! Metformin at the lowest dose makes me feel deathly ill.
    That said, I look up all the potential side effects, interactions, etc. before making a decision to take or stay on a medication. In fact, I only take Synthroid on a daily basis, even though I should be on a lot more.
    I know Dr. Childs only wants the best for thyroid patients. Please take the time to be informed about all the possible risks and benefits. Here is a lot of informative information of Berberine's potential side effects and interactions.
    Kudos to everyone who is taking it without issue.

  12. Oh my gosh…this guy is so full of it. Berberine is NOT helpful, or meant to be used, for weight loss. Never has been, never will be. I have used berberine for years and it most certainly is not for weight loss. Do a cursory review of the information on berberine and none of it says a single thing about weight loss. 🙄

  13. I have been following a 1200 calorie Mediterranean diet for 8 weeks and losing 1-2 pounds weekly. After starting 500 mg berberine 3x a day with meals 2 weeks ago, my weight has increased slightly. What's the explanation?

  14. I can confirm the help with weight loss, slow but it works. Still need to see blood work to see how much if at all it is helping with my blood sugar.

  15. Okay, I subscribed, finally. Yes, my experience is that Berberine and Apple cider vinegar seem almost magical. My blood sugar is much lower nowadays, and I don't need to take metformin anymore. My blood sugar has come down a lot, in a very short time. I just checked it and it is 116. That is good.

  16. I bought some berberine and took it and….and it gave me the most terrible heartburn i had ever had. I tried Pepcid and every antacid available and it helped but didnt stop the heartburn. That sucked real bad because I kept taking it, and it was working well……but I just couldnt keep taking it.
    Beware possible heartburn from Berberine.

  17. Dr Child’s, I’m so thankful that I discovered you. Your content is excellent! Could give us some contraindications for taking Berberine? I’m on Plavix and Aspirin and a few psych meds with sedative effects. Thank you for any help you can offer. Love your information that you pass on to us!

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