Monday, September 25, 2023

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28 thoughts on “Surprise AMA 05/27/2023
  1. You talk truth on a level that cant be perceived on a massive level and i hope one day we can make this type of knowledge on that level a common basis for humanity….

  2. You are wrong about AI Fear Porn. You provided no evidence whatsoever. Your claim is that because a bunch of people are going to a conference that it must be legit. I have yet to see ANY evidence of this self-improvement where it becomes a real problem. If it were a real thing you or that big list of people would have done it already. Or is it that computers suddenly run slowly if they are improving themselves? Your argument is like the example you gave earlier in that there are some facts in your story but you take that and run off into crazy land. AI is fear porn. And you are going to say GPT-3 to 4. And I'll say…meh.

  3. Just because you are broke doesn't give you the right to be angry. Sure. But many broke people are broke because their jobs were shipped off to China, They are disproportionately taxed (higher than billionaires), they have had all their basic necessities increase in cost because of the devaluation of the dollar by the Fed and the federal government and the cabals of Big Education, Big Pharma, Big Fascism.

  4. If humans are immortal through science how does humanity persist? Is it that only the rich will be able to live forever and the poor will be trapped into a life of subsocial decay and "metaverse" matrix existence?

  5. Part of it Charles is in addition to the sex crimes there is this bigger overarching thing called impact finance and that is the concern with the internet of things and humanitarian aid in that style. It seems like it's more about control that lifting people up. That's the Epstein issue.

  6. I like your options on the detrimental covid therapy the whole mainstream world push. All a violation of the Nuremberg code. Also nice to see that it's not just me that has defected from the liberal only side due to the corruption of the last few years.

  7. Will someone help me understand? Charles is upset because he was lied to about vaccines and a person who has been sounding the alarm on vaccines who’s since been proven right, Charles likens him to Kanye? Go figure? There is just no way of getting a thirsty horse to drink.

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