Friday, September 22, 2023
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Dirty Fasting Versus Clean Fasting 🥊 Sara Banta Health Talks

Intermittent Fasting is no different, and one controversy surrounding fasting is the concept of a Dirty Fast versus a Clean Fast.

Intermittent Fasting is a hot topic, and there are many opinions about what constitutes a fast, the length of a fast, and how to do Intermittent Fasting correctly. Like any other trend relating to diet and food, there are so many opinions. Deciding the best plan for you is overwhelming.

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Benefits of Fasting

• Improving insulin sensitivity and lowering blood sugar.
• Enhancing fat loss
• Boosting metabolism
• Triggering autophagy
• Enhancing ATP and mitochondrial health
• Enhancing fat burning by entering a state of ketosis
• Repairing leaky gut
• Detoxing the tissues, blood, and cells
• Improving inflammation
• Enhancing cognition
• Improving hormonal balance
• Reversing estrogen dominance
• Improving fertility
• Strengthening bones

Supplements to Enhance Intermittent Fasting Results

• Acceleradine®

• Accelerated Keto™

• Accelerated Thyroid®

• Accelerated Ancient Salt™

Additional Supplements to Help Enhance Intermittent Fasting Results

• Accelerated Cogniblast®

• Accelerated Cellular Detox Powder®

• Liver Flush Cleanse

• Accelerated NucNoMore®

Maximize Weight Loss Results Using These Additional Tools





Options To Add for Additional Support

• Leaky Gut Bundle

• Laxa Comfort
• Berberine HCL

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One thought on “Dirty Fasting Versus Clean Fasting 🥊 Sara Banta Health Talks
  1. Such a great video Sara. I'm in many Facebook groups where regular battles occur between the Dirty vs Clean followers. Your video explains it perfectly! 🙏

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