Thursday, September 21, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

How To BRAINWASH Yourself For Success & Destroy NEGATIVE THOUGHTS! | Dr. Joe Dispenza

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Today, I am sitting down with Dr. Joe Dispenza to talk about the connection between our thoughts and our emotions. Joe explains the importance of paying attention to the things that will help us grow emotionally and mentally, the power of the brain and how it can trap us in the past if we allow it to, and how knowing proper breathwork can significantly helps us relieve stress and overcome anxious thoughts.

Joe Dispenza is an author, speaker, and researcher known for his work in the fields of neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics. He is particularly recognized for his teachings on the mind-body connection and the potential for individuals to transform their lives through the power of their thoughts and emotions. Joe regularly conducts workshops and seminars worldwide, where he combines scientific knowledge, meditation practices, and practical exercises to help individuals tap into their potential and create a more fulfilling life. His teachings emphasize the idea that by changing our thoughts and emotions, we can create new neural pathways in the brain and ultimately transform our reality.

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What We Discuss:
00:00 Intro
03:33 How do you become conscious of your unconscious self?
15:22 “Where you place your attention is where you place your energy.”
21:30 The science behind why our emotions are making us relive past experiences
26:09 The 3 important elements in your life that you should focus on when you’re stressed
35:47 What is meditation and can you start practicing it?
40:21 How our emotions can convince our body to change significantly
45:34 How does breathwork impact our heart rate variability?
52:21 What happens when you get emotionally stuck in the past?
01:01:45 “What is it about me that I still have to change in order to heal?”
01:08:21 The difference between meditation with and without breathwork
01:11:32 The basic practices to help build a community for our survival


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23 thoughts on “How To BRAINWASH Yourself For Success & Destroy NEGATIVE THOUGHTS! | Dr. Joe Dispenza
  1. yeah im slowly understanding my mind & body & y im sick at times & with injuries & minor sprains & fractures & rest & recovery process & stretching & y flexibility is important also as we age im now 35yrs old never had dis much common sense im slowly learning still but am catchin up to alot of peoples intelligence with what im understandin
    but also without habbits,rituals & discpline to get through doz thngs it would all fall apart
    im slowly trainnin myself to do it stoned at times i can c dat ego i saw years ago year on MDMA & COCAINE ONCE my head felt light & flowed my thoughts never had any anxiety so my thnkin became alot more clearer
    dat was 14yrs ago

    its not much being successful like uz or rich & famous i dont want any of dat
    i jus wana mak enough money to pay off house & emergencies & food & rest of my life havin fun & doing my own work i c someone super i need to consume more knwledge with what im slowly seeing in insects & animals & plants medically lookin at toxins & posions to also treat wounds & infections & other great thngs i look to do on my own hopefully a black market where im sellin such thngs lol if im able to learn all of dis stuff its quite intelligent stuff
    but my study time 4-8hrs a day starting frm saturday
    anyways u can also use for super other thngs like enhencements wink wink lol & other cool thngs i wil do in my time medically & also cyber & building & other thngs puttin my time into more constructive thngs as im makin more & more money & advancin in knwledge i doubt id need dat much where my intelligence wil get me pass & who i'l become in future
    hopin to look at super thngs in future
    it wil tak me some time but

    but definitly strugglin to find jobs often & being sick mentally & physically forces u to learn its slowly benefiting
    where im trainnin less cardio & more weights & core & also more flexibility work & more swimmin & sun has proven quite nice 1-2hrs outside stoned was great my mind feels alot cooler compared to being inside da house u feel heavyer i thnk its more pollution frm devices always on inside but am lookin at some good plants also in future to put inside to help with air
    some would consider as witchcraft with nature i find strange it would b nice for me makin some money on side in future once i understand it all it wil tak me awhile
    but definitly some solid stuff in future first i need to get my routine & self right i'l get der
    i wana use my creativty alot more within 8-14mnths

    definitly i believe in how u program ur mind
    & knowin i can do dat to my kids in future where i programe dem to b supers consumin knwledge trainnin der minds often frm 1mnth with listenin & also trainnin so much into its memory early to soak up knwledge super fast so its more advance den da other kids & is rich by 10-14yrs old doesnt need a job & go through my miseriable road & i saved it da tramua frm doin a 9-5 job gettin him early to b focused on financial gains of all der skills taught
    school program destorys der ability & souls coz alot arent trainned properly to b social & thnkin isnt trainned properly & emotions needs better trainnin in society
    definitly we need to program minds better early current system is a failure to me

    mayb in 10-15yrs i can hav some impact in future with current world situation my knwledge is dat arrogant with what i c in me i hav to program it dis way u cant do it without any discpline dats for sure

  2. I really love the voice and theories of Joe Dispenza and as well some of his meditations..but he looks ill in this video and I wish him all the best to get well soon. 🍀🌈

  3. Amazing interview! Dr. Joe has changed my life profoundly in so many ways. I practice his work every single day. Forever grateful for his ever evolving knowledge and dedication 🙏🏼✨

  4. Joe is the best! He is on the cutting edge of this stuff. I just want to say I think if he had really big hair he could look just like Jimmy Neutron as an older man…

  5. Dr. Zoe Dispenza is one of the best… His books are sooo good… It's a little effort to imbibe the thought … But when u get it is like a new revelation…. Simply amazing.

  6. Joe Dispenza is the best! I love how empowering his scientific data is. It’s absolutely life changing information. “Don’t make emergency a habit.” Whoa that one hit home. Fantastic video. Great interview. Thank you!❤️🙏☮️

  7. Joe Dispenza is awesome but what really changed my life was picking up the Bible and praying “manifesting” the life I wanted to live free of anxiety and fear.

  8. Man I love joe and have watched all his interviews multiple times.

    The only criticism I have is that I wish he would not get so into his program of explaining his research and his methods and instead speak from a fresh space. The points he make can be the same but I wish he delivered it with more presence, instead of the script-like program he has.

    Either way though I’m grateful for dr joe and his findings as they have helped me strengthen my faith in the unknown. Thank you 🙏🏼

  9. Probably the best episode I’ve seen from Jay! Wow. So much insight. It should have way more views but I understand why the celeb ones get more. But this is true, practical advice and knowledge of how to be the best possible version of you. ❤

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