Thursday, September 21, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

USA Health Care = Sick Care System? The Conscious Medicine NAD+ Solution

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[01:30] Nadovim: What Is NAD + Why Does Our Body Need It?
[16:05] Why The Health Care System Doesn’t Work
[34:15] Rock Bottom: Find Your Vitality Again
[53:40] Cell-to-Cell Communication with NAD+
[01:13:35] NAD+ Vs. Big Pharma

– NAD: How it makes the cells in our body work properly.
– Why biohacking is where modern medicine should be.
– Unpacking why our health care system truly is a disease care management.
– Why doctors should put the patient first.
– If we’re unhealthy, the world is unhealthy: how climate change is linked to human health.

– How hitting rock bottom can become the turning point.
– How people with depression can find their vitality again.
– Why NAD works well with Coenzyme Q10.
– How NAD+ helps the body with cell-to-cell communication.
– How NAD+ helps your body clean itself.
– NAD depletion during jetlag and hangover.

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